White Wings Brokers Review: Ww-broker.com nasty scam

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White Wings Brokers Review
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White Wings Brokers is an insecure and unreliable forex broker incapable of protecting its client’s interests. The company claims to be a successful forex broker with numerous awards. Unfortunately, it is all a lie, and there is no evidence of trading taking place on the website. White Wings Brokers is only interested in clients’ deposits and will exit the market at any time.

White Wings Brokers states that it is a reliable trading partner for all investors in the world. However, the first thing you will notice once you open their URL is that the website is marked as insecure. A platform that is incapable of protecting the client’s data from a third party should not be your trading partner.

Moreover, this company also further states that it will grant traders success in their activities. Sadly, there is no evidence of trading activities taking place in their firm. They also brag about having reliable support and high-quality trading tools.

White Wings Brokers Review, White Wings Brokers Company

Investors are promised more than 100 trading tools. Trade orders are also allegedly executed on time. White Wings Brokers boast of using top-notch trading technology. Therefore, they can generate high income for their customers.

It would help if you did not trust anonymous companies. Their sales pitch is flawless, and if you are a novice trader, it is easy to fall for their scheme. The company states it partners with high liquidity providers in the industry. Therefore, this ensures that their results are in line with customers’ expectations.

Additionally, White Wings Brokers proclaims that their trading conditions are the best. Investors will enjoy low commission when cashing in and out of their system. The satisfaction of their customers is their greatest reward. Avoid this nasty scam at all costs.

Ww-broker.com Review

The domain name of this company does not match the official name of the platform. Moreover, it is also suspicious creating more worry. The entity boast having opened an account is a speedy process. Once you deposit the initial amount, you can immediately start benefiting.

The venture views itself as a transparent, efficient broker. However, this is a shady entity that is anonymous. They are targeting novice investors. You will never find an expert veteran trader falling for the scheme of Ponzi schemes.

White Wings Brokers guarantee that you will get fund safety. However, this entity cannot purchase a valid SSL certificate to protect its customers against hackers. What makes you think that they have the best interest of their clients at heart?

Investing with them will only facilitate traders making losses. The mastermind of this scam, however, will joyfully go to withdrawal the funds that you deposit. All the claims of this company are fraudulent and baseless.

Trust the best forex trading brokers that are reputable and legit. These platforms have a history in trading. Moreover, the traffic that they receive and the number of endorsement from their clients are satisfactory. The support team is professional and ready to help.

White Wings Brokers Trading Conditions

White Wings Brokers boasts that it is utilizing the famous MT5 trading software. The interface allows investors to trade from various gadgets. These include; Android, and iOS devices as well as PC. Clients can manage their trading activities from every corner of the universe.

The interface comes along with quotations, several indicators, and customizable EAs. You can trade using just one click. It is no wonder this is the most favorable trading platform for a majority of clients. The company is offering a very high spread of 2.4 pips for the EUR/USD currency pair.

White Wings Brokers brags that once you deposit $10000, you stand a chance of enjoying a spread of 0.0. Their offer is too good to be true. Additionally, their cheapest plan is offering a spread of 5 pips, which is outrageous. There is no legit forex trading broker that offers anything close to this amount.

Stick to companies that offer lower spreads. This is because there risks that you are exposed to are less compared to those unregulated entities. The entity also advertises leverage of 1:500 up to 1:1000. The cap is common with the fraudulent platform.

Withdrawal and Deposits

White Wings Brokers advertise promotions and bonuses on deposits. You will get a 10% bonus once you cash in with this shady entity. However, it is important to remember that there are strange requirements that you need to comply with when cashing out your earnings.

White Wings Brokers Review, White Wings Brokers Features

The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is $100. At least, this is per the standard market. The company also presents several payment methods on its website. These include; QIWI, VISA, Bank Transfers, BTC, ETH, and Master Card.

Nonetheless, this is one shady entity that imposes withdrawal charges to their clients despite them claiming cash out is free. You should read their terms and conditions to avoid any surprises. The platform is charging 6% of the total amount that clients deposit.

You should not waste a second in this venture. They have shown that they cannot be trusted. Furthermore, it is hard establishing if they are hiding anything else from their customers. The withdrawal charges are also ridiculous and unacceptable. The minimum fee for a wire transfer is 30 EUR.

The company is making money by exploiting its customers. Even if their trading rewards are legit, all the money would be lost in paying these unnecessary charges. Moreover, essential information regarding account inactivity fees is missing.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The website of this suspicious venture is available in both English and Russian. They also feature a phone number that clients can use to reach them. However, this information is only for formality and to act as a transparent entity. The entity has no intention of generating funds for investors.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to look for better alternatives in the industry. Scammers usually have the worst customer support. They will proclaim handling your queries in time, but the reality is that the company will cut communication once they decide to exit the market.

Moreover, fraudulent entities do not survive long in the market. White Wings Brokers will exit the industry once its domain name expires. Avoid ventures that have no trading history and reliable client feedback.

White Wings Brokers Regulation Status

The company claims that it is regulated by the government of SVG. St Vincent and Grenadines is infamously known for having lenient rules for investment companies. Therefore, this is why this area is an ideal place to register and regulate a fraudulent entity.

The island does not even regulate investment firms. The area is populated with scammers, and whenever you come across a platform claiming to be based here, run! The safety of your money should always be your main goal. Do not settle for less or with an unregulated entity.

Search for companies regulated by the FCA, CySEC, SEC, and other financial bodies that are reputable. Avoid offshore brokers like the plague. These bodies thoroughly examine investment platform legibility before licensing them.

They must deposit a substantial amount of funds as their initial capital. In case of bankruptcy, the money is used to compensate investors. Additionally, these legit firms work with a reliable bank. The funds of the clients are segregated. Therefore, it cannot be used for illegal purposes.

Final Verdict

White Wings Brokers offers a trading bonus but sees no importance in disclosing the requirement for the withdrawal of funds. The broker is a nasty scam that you should stay away from. Warn all your loved ones against their operation.

Invest with legit reliable forex trading companies that make realistic promises to their clients. You will earn an honest living without engaging yourself with scammer. Moreover, these ventures are regulated by the government. They offer fund safety to their customers.

White Wings Brokers is an offshore entity that does not regulate the government does not regulate. Nonetheless, they are accepting funds from investors across the globe. You should not share your personal information with this entity. Their website is not safe, and data can be stolen from hackers.





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