Wirexinvest Review: It Fails on its Expectations

Wirexinvest Review, Wirexinvest Company
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Wirexinvest Review
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Wirexinvest is a company that claims to offer its clients, top-notch trading tools, educational resources and an easy way to make income. The company however acts shady and fails to inspire confidence in what they offer. Try investing with the top forex trading brokers in the market to  enjoy genuine returns.

Wirexinvest is a company that promises investors they can start trading with them. You will allegedly boost your trading skills as you grow your portfolio. All you have to do is to open an account with them.

Expert traders who come across this website will not waste their valuable time. It is simply designed and the lack of adequate information shows that this is not the best entity in the market. You can trade Forex, indices, CFDs, and Commodities.

Wirexinvest claims that its platform is secure and modern built. They assure their customer the ability to trade with ease and efficiency. It also has a free demo account that investors can use to familiarize themselves with the trading.

Wirexinvest Review, Wirexinvest Company

Moreover, the shady firm also states it has articles and detailed tutorials. Furthermore, you can also join their local seminars and online webinars. Sadly, the problem is that we do not know the quality of information to accept them.

Scammers usually use attractive deals to win over clients. However, it is disheartening in the end because they have nothing to offer. It also claims that each trader is assigned an account manager. Their statements are not verifiable and we urge investors to look for better entities.

Wirexinvest.com Review

Wirexinvest highlights some of the benefits that their customers will enjoy. Orders are allegedly executed at a high speed. They also have tight spreads, multiple advanced trading tools, and high-risk protection measures.

The broker assures their clients that they do not need to be experienced to yield these returns. You can join and benefit like the rest. Moreover, the company guarantees that it sends multiple strategies to its clients.

Investors will earn whenever the strategy managers profits. The question of whether you lose while they lose arises. Trading is not always profitable. The currencies are volatile and unpredictable it is therefore hard to know the rewards that you are going to generate.

The suspicious venture however assures investors that they are in complete control of their funds. Investment activity should be taken seriously. You should watch out for the safety of your money. Do not just take the word of the broker.

Ensure that you research thoroughly to see if an entity is legit. Invest with regulated forex trading companies that are reliable. Your money safety should come first. Try these top forex trading brokers that have a proven history in the industry.

Trading Conditions of Wirexinvest

The company is offering the popular MT4 trading interface to its clients. The benefits of this software are many. It comes with several trading tools, EA and you can also trade automatically, there are also trading signals. The broker offers a spread of 1.2 pips for the EURUSD currency pair which is unsuitable and low.

In terms of their leverage investors will enjoy a cap of 1:50. It is beyond what the FCA permits (1:30). This proves that the entity is operating on its own accord. Despite them having the MetaTrader it does not change the fact that you are dealing with an offshore entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Wirexinvest allegedly accepts funds via UnionPay, MasterCard, Visa and Wire Transfer. The entity provides four investment accounts to its clients. The least amount that you can deposit is $500 which is beyond the market standard.

However, depending on the method that you use to cash in funds the amount will vary. 250 GBP/EUR is the least amount that you can deposit using the credit card option. For wire transfer, the least amount is 3000 EUR/GBP.

Wirexinvest Scam Review, Wirexinvest Features

It is not every day that you encounter such weird requirements unless you are dealing with fraudsters. The inactivity period starts counting from 6 months. You will need to pay a 10% fee every month. Percentage form charges are exploitive to investors.

Moreover, you must be patient with Wirexinvest. The withdrawal request will be processed within 5 to 10 business days. The least amount to cash out using wire transfer is 3000 EURGBP. The entity is also offering non deposited funds.

Keep in mind that the money belongs to the company. Moreover, the financial watchdog of the UK does not allow firms to offer such lucrative. Additionally, in the terms and condition policy of the company, they do not disclose the requirements of withdrawing these bonuses.

Wirexinvest Contact Details

Wirexinvest customer support can be reached via email or phone. The company office address is allegedly at 9TH Floor Cheapside, London, UK, EC2V 6DN. However, with the characteristic which this firm has showcased, this is a randomly generated address.

It is an offshore entity that has no intention of providing better services to traders. The customer support team of this venture is being portrayed as responsive. However, we highly doubt there is a team involved. This look like a mastermind of a sole individual.

Wirexinvest will cut all communication with their clients once they receive funds. Your attempt to go after your money will be futile. They will treat you unprofessionally and there is nothing you can do about it.

Look for testimonials from their past clients. If the company is not reputable it will be unwise to test the waters. Prioritize and ensure that your safety and experience will not be great. Settle with the best brokers in the industry.

Regulatory Status

The company claims that it is located in the United Kingdom. However, they are not in the database of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This makes the firm an illegal scheme that is operating against the set guidelines.

The platform is eying for investors in the United Kingdom. It is therefore important for traders to be keen and boycott their services. For instance, you will not enjoy being compensated once Wirexinvest exit the market.

The FCA ensures that clients are compensated in case a broker faces bankruptcy. Additionally, an entity must deposit an amount of 730K EUR before starting up its business. Wirexinvest being a scam cannot afford such an amount.

Moreover, this broker does not report their daily activities to the financial watchdog. Hence, your money is at higher risk of being used for the greedy purposes of the scammers. The funds you deposit will go directly into the pockets of the fraudsters.

Trading with licensed companies will save you from much trouble. You will invest wisely and you can also sleepy peacefully. It will only take a few seconds to check whether a broker is regulated.

The Domain Insight

Wirexinvest.com is a company that is registered by Own Registrar Inc. The registration took place in December 2020. The platform plans on being in the industry for a period of one year only. You should not put your hopes high with a venture that does not have a trading history. Furthermore, the Alexa global ranking of the firm is very low. We also do not know the geographical location of their audience. However, we suspect the scam is targeting United Kingdom citizens.

Final Verdict

Wirexinvest is trading several assets. However, there is nothing unique that comes with trading with this entity. The initial capital that you need to deposit is very high. Additionally, their real location is unknown. Investing in this scheme will only leave a dent in your pocket.

Invest with the top licensed forex trading brokers that are transparent. The financial activities of this firm are reported daily to the financial watchdogs. Moreover, the experience of their clients is the main priority of the companies.

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