WiseWealth Review: WiseWealth.com is a Dirty Broker!

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WiseWealth Review
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WiseWealth is one of the murky ventures in the market. The entity makes false promises. They are only after investors’ funds. The entity fails to provide audited trading performance. There is also no evidence of professionals being involved. 

WiseWealth offers products such as crypto, stocks, indices, commodities, and forex. These products are volatile meaning investors can either make profits or losses. Unfortunately, scammers never reveal the risky nature of trading. They will only focus on the positive side. 

WiseWealth Review, WiseWealth Company

WiseWealth.com Review 

WiseWealth is one of the murky ventures in the market. The entity makes false promises. They are only after investors’ funds. The entity fails to provide audited trading performance. There is also no evidence of professionals being involved. 

To trade securely choose reliable and authentic crypto companies. These are endorsed entities with ideal trading conditions and clear withdrawal requirements. 

WiseWealth Trading Conditions and Accounts 

WiseWealth presents users with a web trader interface. Unfortunately, the platform has limited features. Investors cannot place orders automatically or use custom scripts. The MetaTrader is one of the reputable interfaces in the industry. Top-rated companies provide the software to customers. It gives them a cutting-edge advantage. 

For instance, investors can monitor their active orders or access multiple markets. They can also keep their orders active even with their devices shut down using VPS. Using an advanced trading platform puts you at a greater chance of earning better. 

WiseWealth.com Review, WiseWealth.com Features

If you make a blind move to join any random entity you will be left counting losses. The venture advertises tight spreads of zero pips without mentioning anything about the commission. The leverage advertised is not profitable to clients. It is even below what financial bodies approve. 

WiseWealth leverage is 1:10. A broker should provide a conducive trading environment to investors. Invest wisely by choosing a reputable firm. The safety of your cash should always be your main priority.

Withdrawal and Deposits 

WiseWealth advertises several payment methods. The scheme however lacks a functioning deposit button. Therefore, it is impossible to ascertain if any of these options are functional. 

The majority of scammers prefer payments that limit clients from issuing chargebacks. So, do not be surprised if the broker uses crypto payments or wire transfers. We are unaware of the withdrawal requirements. The scheme does not mention the withdrawal fees or the duration it takes them to process cash out. 

WiseWealth Regulation Status 

WiseWealth’s website leaves out information regarding its ownership.  Nobody knows the company behind it or where the firm is operating from. It is unwise to deal with a discrete broker as you will be signing up for uncertainty. 

Another concern is that the terms and conditions of the firm are missing. The policy acts as a binding contract. This poses a higher risk to clients as the platform can inflict unfavorable conditions. 

Genuine companies operate in full transparency. They provide clear and authentic information regarding the parent company, location, and regulatory status. It is only rogue offshore entities that choose to embrace anonymity. Licensed financial service providers are obligated to furnish extensive legal documentation.

Luckily, the Belgian financial regulator has issued a warning on WiseWealth. Dealing with an exposed scam poses more risks to clients. There are licensed brokers that operate as per the regulatory bodies’ requirements. 

Some of these conditions require companies to have significant capital to prove their financial capacity. A firm that can successfully run its business will not defraud clients. Also, licensed firms work with reputable financial institutions. Hence, ensuring the withdrawal process is seamless. 

Clients working with licensed companies enjoy fund safety. They cannot lose more money than their initial deposit because there is negative account balance protection. These entities also have a guarantee scheme whereby clients can receive compensation in the event of bankruptcy. 

Final Verdict

WiseWealth has several red flags. The broker is illegitimate and untrustworthy. Trading with them is hazardous. Invest only with reliable and genuine crypto companies in the industry to enjoy professional services. 


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