XpressTrade24 Review: A Cunning Scam not Worth of your trust

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Xpresstrade24 Review


Xpresstrade24 is a scam in the making. The broker is operating illegally and they do not have a customer support team. Investing in this dirty scheme will only leave a dent in your pocket. Invest with reliable forex trading brokers instead.

Xpresstrade24 is an investment company that is not reputable. The platform assures investors that they will win trades despite their trading results. The entity is promising high profits. All you have to do is to predict the rates of stocks or currency.

The platform is trading BTC and Forex. The platform states clients will earn 90% from its deal. There is the price to be won every week of $20,000. The firm select 20 winners from all the participants.

Xpresstrade24 is using this method to get new clients’ attention. The entity does not seem to be conducting any investment business. Moreover, they also brag of having won an award of the best fast broker that processes the withdrawal request of traders.

Investors need to follow three simple steps to achieve their success. First, you need to register your account, deposit funds, and then start generating high returns. The entity is acting like a gambling entity rather than a trading firm.

You need to provide them with your full name, email address, and telephone number. We repetitively warn traders against sharing their information with suspicious entities. This is because they will keep contacting you. Moreover, they can share your data with a third party.

Xpresstrade24.com Review

Xpresstrade24 states that they are providing their clients with trading tools. The company has educational resources in form of video. The information is allegedly meant to help you invest wisely.

Investors need to predict the direction that the market will take and earn. The company assures its clients that it will hold their hands and guide them throughout the whole process. You can also learn individually the trading strategies.

Xpresstrade24 Review, Xpresstrade24 Company

Xpresstrade24 also claims that all the withdrawal requests are processed within one hour. The platform has three investment accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. Unfortunately, this is a get-rich-quick scheme.

The broker does not conduct any trading work. The person behind this scam only built a website and filled it with marketing content. Investors who join the platform with the expectation of making profits will suffer.

Invest only with proven and verified forex trading investment companies in the market. These are among the leading entities that are transparent. You will enjoy fund safety with them. Moreover, you will also have peace of mind knowing you trust licensed brokers.

Trading Conditions

Xpresstrade24 has a referral bonus which you won’t find in most legit forex trading entities. The company has three trading accounts. The starter accepts a deposit of $50, the Premium plan $10000, and the Executive plan requires a deposit of $50000.

In their first two accounts, investors allegedly receive a 5% automatic weekly payment. The Executive pays a weekly automatic return of 20%. Additionally, the referral bonus range from 10% up to 15%.

Xpresstrade24 Review, Xpresstrade24 Trading Accounts

Xpresstrade24 also increases the BTC of their clients depending on the account that you select. This ranges from X2, X5, and X10. The more funds that you deposit the higher the outcome that you will get.

However, if you do not want to lose funds stay away from this Ponzi scheme. The entity will steal all your money and carry on with their activities like nothing happened. Why not find a reliable broker that is genuine.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Xpresstrade24 states that clients can deposit funds using BTC, Bank Transfer, Perfect Money, Money Gram, Neteller, Skrill, Western Union, or BTC. The company states that their customers can trade even on weekends.

The entity states that it is dealing with a number of assets. However, there is no enough evidence that shows the dirty scheme is trading. How can this entity be trading forex without having trading software?

Moreover, we also do not know the currency pair that the entity provides. Despite Xpresstrade24 listing several payment methods, they are only accepting BTC. The platform will never process the withdrawal request of their clients.

Customer Support

Xpresstrade24 is a broker that claims it is offering 24/7 customer support. Unfortunately, the actual location of the company remains a mystery. They claim to have offices in various areas of the world. Nonetheless, this entity is determined to stay anonymous at whatever cost.

Moreover, the entity states that investors can use the support number to contact them. Sadly, there is nothing availed on their website. The only left method of reaching them is by filling a contact form.

Xpresstrade24 is a dirty scam that cannot even provide an email address. The broker is only concerned with making itself rich. Investors should ask themselves how can a sneaky platform that does not have enough funds afford to generate such a high payout.

Once you use logic and stop believing the narrative of these scammers you will have nothing to worry about. Avoid them as they will treat you unprofessionally once you entrust your funds with them.

Xpresstrade24 Regulatory Status

Xpresstrade24 states that it is a secure entity. However, they are not licensed by a single government in the world. The company states that it is operating in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Seychelles government.

Unfortunately, the shady entity has not met the requirement of the Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA). The government requires an entity to deposit at least $50,000. Moreover, it all subjects the financial investment to be transparent.

They also falsely claim to be based in the USA. It is one of the countries that have strict rules for online investment firms. Investors’ cannot trust Xpresstrade24. You will not enjoy fund safety from this dirty scheme.

The Domain Insight

Xpresstrade24.com is a platform that was registered in December 2019. Their registration was renewed in 2020 and will expire in 2021 December. The platform is privately registered. Therefore, it is not possible to determine the people running the entity.

Moreover, the broker has a low trust score. The chances of them being fraudulent are very high. They have an SSL certificate but this does not clear up their name. The entity is also offering services that are risky.

Red Flag with Xpresstrade24

The entity is a dirty scheme that has several red flags. The broker does not have investment products or services to offer their clients. Additionally, this scheme is also anonymous and its actual location is unknown.

Investing in this dirty scheme will leave you high and dry. Additionally, this platform does not have a way of contacting them. The returns which they promise investors are too high. It is not possible to generate anything like this in the current market.

Xpresstrade24 has nothing unique to offer its clients. They are only looking after themselves. The platform will not make you rich. Kindly stay away from them and any other broker that might make such an unrealistic promise.

Final Verdict

Xpresstrade24 claim that investors can trade throughout the weekends as well. Additionally, they provide several deposit and withdrawal methods. The entity also states that their clients will have the privilege of learning from experienced traders.

However, you should never take the word of an unregulated broker seriously. Moreover, this platform is operating like a pyramid scheme rather than an investment venture. The expert team it brags about is nowhere to be seen.

Instead of wasting funds and resources at Xpresstrade24 why not invest with a reputable forex broker in the market. These are professional and trustworthy entities that have proven to work. You will generate passive returns with them without jeopardizing your safety.

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