XTB-Groups.io Review: Unregulated Investment Company to Avoid

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XTB-Groups.io Review
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XTB-Groups.io is only looking for an opportunity to scam many people as they can. The broker is an extortion firm that only looks after its selfish needs. The withdrawal request allegedly takes 2-3 days to be handled. You can cash out using credit card options.

XTB-Groups.io is a company that claims it has the ability to maximize your trading income. The venture views itself as one of the leading brokers in the market. The entity states that it is using technology to generate these high earnings.

However, this is one of the tactics that scammers are using to scam innocent investors. The reality is that there are no trading activities taking place. These ventures have one objective which is to steal from many people as they can.

XTB-Groups.io Review, XTB-Groups.io Company

Nonetheless, XTB-Groups.io claims that it has multiple trading instruments. This will aid the investment activity of this firm. They also guarantee a world-class trading experience to all their customers. The only thing that you will get from them is bad treatment.

The platform states its main priority is the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, it has dedicated support to respond to your query. Sadly, this is a mere lie and the firm will never respond to your query if you make the mistake of entrusting your funds to them.

Despite this company being a scam the venture brags that investors will enjoy fund safety. However, this is something that is not possible with an offshore firm. They will blacklist you and steal all your savings without a blink of an eye.

XTB Groups Review

XTB-Groups.io is being managed by XTB Group. The firm claims it will help its clients to explore the online market. The company boasts that it is using a top-notch trading platform. Additionally, they also utilize their professional team to generate high income.

The platform brags it has favorable trading conditions in the market. The only thing that we see is red flags surrounding this dirty scheme. It presents an opportunity for investors to trade from anywhere in the world.

XTB-Groups.io alleged priority is to provide professional outstanding trading experience for their clients. They assure their potential customers that the entity will not charge hidden fees. The spreads are also tight and you can execute the trade at a fast speed.

The entity proclaims the data of their clients is in safe hands. The platform also markets itself as an award-leading top forex trading broker. Sadly, it leaves out information regarding the organization that might have granted them this title.

Ponzi scheme will use a perfect sales pitch to lure innocent people into believing their lies. You need to be very careful and whenever you come across a too good to be true investment scheme it is best to walk away. However, this does not mean there are not regulated forex trading brokers in the market. There are several reputable and transparent firms that will generate real-time income for you.

Trading Conditions of XTB-Groups.io

XTB-Groups.io is a platform that is trading crypto, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, and Forex. The firm is urging traders to join them today and transform their lives. The company has a risk management policy that allegedly protects its clients against having a negative balance.

The broker also has over 250 products that investors can trade. They are allegedly serving over 50 countries in the world. The company states that it offers two trading platforms to its clients. However, upon closely examining their website we learned that you can only use a web trader interface.

XTB-Groups.io Review, XTB-Groups.io Features

It is a common platform that is used by scammers. It has various features like take-profits, pending orders, customizable charts, and multiple indicators. However, you cannot compare it with the MetaTrader.

XTB-Groups.io is offering a spread of 0.4 pips on the EURUSD currency pair. It is profitable to traders because the cost of trading is low. You can expect hidden commission from this offshore entity. This is because there is no scam that does not have a hidden agenda. Their leverage is at 1:40.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The XTB-Groups.io company allegedly accepts funds via Wire transfer, BTC, MasterCard, and Visa. The minimum amount to deposit at this venture is 5000 EURO which is way beyond the average market standard. There is nothing unique that the firm is offering.

They are only looking for an opportunity to scam many people as they can. The broker is an extortion firm that only looks after its selfish needs. The withdrawal request allegedly takes 2-3 days to be handled. You can cash out using credit card options.

The Terms and Conditions of this entity are not specific and a lot is left behind. Investors who decide to test the waters with XTB-Groups.io will live to tell the unprofessional treatment. The people behind this venture will make you pay hidden charges. Avoid this company for the sake of your safety.

Regulation Status of XTB-Groups.io

Of all places, XTB-Groups.io claims to be based in the United Kingdom. This is one of the areas that have strict rules in the world. Investment ventures that choose to operate in this jurisdiction must deposit 730K Eur.

The amount acts as compensation once the venture faces bankruptcy. Investors are also protected against negative account balances. Moreover, the FCA has issued a warning against XTB Group. The platform is a clone of a regulated entity in the UK.

XTB-Groups.io is targeting investors from the UK without having the necessary documentation. Entrusting your money to such kinds of ventures will only lead to making huge losses. There is nothing good that will ever come out of this dirty scheme. Invest wisely and avoid Ponzi schemes.

Contact Details of XTB-Groups.io

The office address of XTB-Groups.io is allegedly based at Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA, UK. However, this firm is based in a remote area that the scammers cannot reveal. Avoid all offshore firms and the majority of them are not genuine.

The only way of contacting the support is via email. The lack of a phone number shows that reaching the company will be a nightmare. Stay away from this infamous broker to avoid the agony of bad treatment.

Invest with platforms that treat their customers professionally. Additionally, you can reach them around the clock via multiple channels. Invest wisely and avoid dirty schemes that have nothing unique to offer their clients.

The Domain Insight

XTB-Groups.io is a company whose registration took place in January 2021. The platform is only a few months old but speaks highly about itself. Additionally, the firm aspires to be in the industry for only one year. There is no hope for them and it will exit the market when their customers least expect them to. The traffic visiting this website is also insufficient and low. The lack of client feedback is also another red flag. Find a reliable and genuine firm that is reputable to venture with.

Final Verdict

XTB-Groups.io is a platform that claims it is transparent yet they do not even introduce the people that are managing the funds of investors. The venture also brags it to execute trade fast. It also boasts it has won over 40 awards which are unverifiable.

Moreover, this venture is a clone website that is using information belonging to a legit company in the United Kingdom. It shows that these fraudsters will do anything in their power to steal from you. They also do not have a customer support team that will handle your issues.

Instead of risking the safety of your money, it is better to invest with regulated forex trading brokers in the market that are reputable. You will sleep soundly knowing that your funds are in secure hands.


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