XTBinvesting Review: Xtbinvesting.com Unprofitable Scheme

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XTBinvesting.com Review
  • Regulation and Registration
  • Customer Support
  • Trading Conditions


XTBinvesting is an offshore company. Its customers are exposed to severe risks. If the firm plans to exit the market, it is impossible to go after them. Ponzi schemes use intriguing adverts to trap more victims.

Xtbinvesting may appear to be a genuine company. They provide extensive information regarding their business. However, do not let this deceive you into investing with the firm. There are better ventures in the market that put the needs of their clients first. 

XTBinvesting Review, XTBinvesting Company

The broker does not offer a conducive trading environment. Avoid trusting this entity with your hard-earned funds. They give us a vibe that various scammers leave. We did thorough research and found the firm does not fall under any regulatory body. Them not being governed by the authority give them the liberty to do whatever they please. 

The legal documentation of XTBinvesting exposes the firm murkiness. The platform is bold. We tried to get the firms’ ownership data. Sadly, this is a broker that wants to remain undercover. How can you trust anonymous people with your money? How do you know they have adequate experience. 

Invest with genuine forex trading companies. You will sleep soundly knowing the safety of your money is put firsts. Genuine firms operate in transparency. Investors can check the trading results. Their trading conditions also protect customers against severe risks. 

XTBinvesting.com Review

XTBinvesting is an offshore company. Its customers are exposed to severe risks. If the firm plans to exit the market, it is impossible to go after them. Ponzi schemes use intriguing adverts to trap more victims. They use deals that are too good to be true. Novice traders not familiar with the trading market click on the bait. 

The sales rep will blow up your phone when you share your contact details. They are tactical and don’t give up until you deposit cash. At first, they will show you how the account is performing. Some may even ask you to install malicious remote desktop software to help you make the deposit. 

This is a risk, and the scheme can steal essential information. The narrative changes when you ask for a withdrawal request. The sales rep will even become rude. They aim to retain the fund in their system. In most cases, there is no trading taking place on the website. 

Therefore, before venturing with anonymous firms, you must perform thorough research. Look for trading results to see how the broker has been performing. Additionally, you can read online reviews to get a clear insight into how the entity runs. 

Trading Conditions and Software of XTBinvesting

 XTBinvesting showers praise on its trading software. They claim the interface can drive success for clients. Unfortunately, after checking out the platform, we found a chart. The firm presents TradeView charts and a section that allows users to place orders. 

Sadly, clients cannot use the alleged “Trading software” to generate income. You will only lose if you believe the bogus narrative of the scheme. The scam shamelessly set the tight spread of zero pip. This is a dream that will turn into a nightmare down the road. 

XTBinvesting.com Review, XTBinvesting.com Broker

Settle with firms that present the MetaTrader interface. It is one of the best software that allows clients to trade automatically. The platform is user-friendly. The users can also create custom scripts and access various markets. 

XTBinvesting has three trading accounts. The murky entity has a tight spread and does not mention having a commission. The market standard for spread is 1.5 pips. Nonetheless, you will find some genuine entities offering spreads lower than this limit. The entity provides a spread of 1:200 to 1:500. The limit can both be profitable and hazardous. Is unpredictable the direction the market will take. 

Moreover, considering the scheme is manipulating the price, they can show you have lost a trade. In the UK and EU, brokers can only offer leverage of 1:30. On the other hand, Canadian and USA entities provide leverage of 1:50. The limitation is set to protect clients from severe risks. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

The least amount clients can deposit is 250 EUR. There are numerous leading firms accepting as low as $5. Considering XTBinvesting is not trading, it is best not to fatten the pockets of the con artists with your hard-earned cash. 

The payment methods available on the website do not allow clients to issue a chargeback. Investors can fund accounts via Financial, a crypto exchange, PayCent, and GameChangers. If you go through the legal document, you will see that the fees available are meant for those that use wire transfers and credit cards. These methods are, however, not available on the website. 

XTBinvesting charges a $25 and a processing fee of $10/ 7 EUR/ and 5 GBP for credit cards $25. Those who use the wire transfer option will pay a $50/EUR/GBP fee. Accounts that have not traded a volume of 200 lots will pay a levy of 10%. The terms of the entity expose them as unreliable and bogus. 

Dormant accounts must pay a fee of 10%. The entity has a bonus, but you should stay away from such lucrative. This is because you must meet a particular trading volume to cash out. In the case of this venture, clients must execute a turnover of 25 turnovers of the amount cashed in plus the bonus. The scheme is only trying to retain the money in the system.

Customer Support and Contact Details

XTBinvesting is a discrete platform. You can tell there is no good. The firm lacks a physical address. Investment schemes should provide adequate contact details. It is absurd the entity expects customers to verify their accounts using government-issued documents. 

Giving such access to fraudsters expose you to more risk. The scam can use the information against you. They can even sell the data to criminals. There is a phone number on the website. 

Sadly, this does not guarantee you will be able to get hold of the support. Once you become a nuisance asking about your fund’s whereabouts, the entity will cut you off. Scammers only serve their greedy needs. Yous should not expect more from them. 

Regulatory Status of XTBinvesting

Investors’ money is not safe on this website. XTBinvesting is not working with a reputable financial institution. The law requires brokers to segregate their accounts from clients’ accounts. It limits the possibility of fund misuse. Depending on the area of origin, a company should deposit a particular capital.

The hefty amount proves a platform can survive market volatility without misusing its clients’ money. Moreover, a firm must report its daily trading report. In case of price manipulation, the financial watchdog can revoke the license. Sadly, with scammers, nobody protects you from such unforeseen outcomes. 

XTBinvesting is breaking the law. They shamelessly target traders from all over the universe. The venture will eventually close down, leaving its clients high and dry. They can also change the terms and conditions. Offshore firms refuse to handle the withdrawal request of their clients.

Moreover, the Italian financial watchdog has issued a warning against the broker. CONSOB is a reputable agency. Do not turn a blind eye to such exposure. Otherwise, you will not receive compensation once the scheme exit the industry. 

The authority cannot help once the fraudsters make away with your cash. How can they trace down anonymous individuals? To be safe, stick to licensed brokers. You wil enjoy fund safety. The trading conditions are also ideal. 

Final Verdict 

XTBinvesting is a worthless broker. You are better off without them. The firm will soon collapse, and clients’ money will be trapped in the website. Choose a reliable and reputable forex trading venture instead of risking your safety with an offshore firm. A licensed broker will grant you peace of mind. Additionally, you will enjoy excellent trading conditions. 


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