Yennex Market Review: No, Will not Earn you Profits

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Yennex Market Review
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The fact is that Yennex Market is a scam that has nothing to do with trading. Its claims of being legit are fake. The platform is targeting investors from all over the world without having the necessary documentation. Therefore, avoid them!

Yennex Market is a platform that claims it’s designed for risk-takers. The company allegedly makes trading easy for its clients. The entity is dealing with stocks, currencies, and commodities. One of the features that the entity boasts about is that they provide personal account managers.

Investors will also enjoy fast trade execution. The deposit and withdrawal methods are also in variety. Unfortunately, if you are tempted to join this broker you should hold that thought. The company has shady features which we will discuss in detail.

Yennex Market Review, Yennex Market Company

Stick with us as we expose this shady platform. Yennex Market states that it is a regulated forex trading firm. However, this is another fat lie. The venture is operating as it pleases without having a license. They will exit the market whenever they can.

The entity does not disclose the minimum amount that you can deposit. It claims that the capital depends on the asset that you choose to venture with. The company also proclaims that you do not need to rob the bank to start investing.

It would be best if they disclose all the necessary information. The broker is also involved with cryptocurrency investment. The entity thrives in anonymity which does not paint a great picture of their activities. Review

Yennex Market promises investors a daily ROI of 5.60%. The entity sadly does not state the leverage or the spread that traders are going to get. The company states that it is a secure platform. However, the proof that they provide does not rhyme with security protocols.

The platform states that its team has experienced I Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This has nothing to do with the security of your funds but optimizing their website to get more audience. Therefore, you should not waste time with this dirty scheme.

It also proves that Yennex Market is only looking after its own gains. The entity presents a guideline to help its clients. They urge investors to have a trading plan and not rush but trade with caution.

The company also asks traders to utilize the stop-loss feature. They also remind investors to perform thorough research for them to make a profit after analyzing the market. Nonetheless, there are better opportunities in the industry.

If you want to trade successfully the first thing to do is to select a legit forex trading company. It has to be licensed by a reputable financial watchdog in the market. Moreover, you also have to be patient and take time to learn the market.

The fact is that Yennex Market is a scam that has nothing to do with trading. Its claims of being legit are fake. The platform is targeting investors from all over the world without having the necessary documentation.

Yennex Market Contact Details

Yennex Market allegedly has offices at Alvsundavagen 185-193,168 67 Bromma, Sweden.  The platform presents phone numbers that investors can use to reach them. However, the country of origin of this venture is unknown.

Therefore, you cannot trust them with the info presented. This is an offshore scheme. Moreover, their terms and conditions prove that this is the next big scam. The platform will not respond to your query. They will ignore you and even blacklist traders.

Ponzi schemes have terrible support that becomes rude if you keep budging them about your funds. Yennex Market is one of those brokers who don’t give a hoot the financial situation you are in. They only care about themselves.

Regulation Status of Yennex Market

The platform states that it is operating from Sweden. Additionally, the firm claims it has a license from the FCA. The broker is definitely confusing investors. They even present a link that will direct you to a clone website of

The link available in the Yennex Market platform is which is a fake one. The fraudulent activity of this company is to the next level. The platform is trying very hard to stay relevant in the industry. Unfortunately, we are here to expose them.

The investment you make to this Ponzi scheme will never be recovered. Moreover Sweden country is also under the EU regulator. A company needs to have 730K EUR to qualify for a license, They also must report their daily investment activities to the authority.

Yennex Market is also not transparent. The law requires that the team and the account managers must be qualified to run an investment firm. Sadly, this broker fails to provide information about their team.

The platform is violating multiple rules which make it a bad choice for an investment firm. The broker faking its regulatory document is a big red flag. You can trade with legit forex trading firms in the market.

Is Yennex Market Safe to trade with?

Unfortunately, this platform is not secure. The broker is operating illegitimately. The company is not open in matters regarding the withdrawal and the deposit. Hence, we do not know if there are any fees to expect.

Yennex Market brags that it’s a professional firm, with expert advisors. Their EAs have a trading accuracy of 99%. However, they forget to provide trading performance. Their words are unproven. This is a scam to avoid.

The firm might decide to change its terms and services without consulting clients. The entity will leave you high and dry. They are offering a leverage cap of 1:100. It is way beyond what the finical watchdog of EU limits. Scam Review, Features

If you are a newbie it would be best to look for a let risky cap. This firm is expensive for nothing. The trading platform which Yennex Market provides is incomparable to the MetaTrader interface. No benefit comes from trusting an offshore firm.

You will be trading with uncertainty. Moreover, the payment option of this broker is shady. The company is accepting money via wire transfer and BTC. Neither of these allows investors to issue a chargeback. Therefore, once you give the entity access to your money you will automatically lose it.

The Domain Insight is a platform that made its first digital footprint in June 2020. The registration of the firm will expire after one year. The people running this Ponzi scheme have no intention of being in the market in the future. ‘

Why would anyone want to give them the benefit of doubt? The entity also has very low Alexa’s traffic of 2,720,373. Investors are not interested in the get the rich quick scheme of this broker. Unfortunately, we cannot tell where the majority of their clients are coming from.

Final Verdict

Yennex Market claims it is an efficient broker that will give you nothing but profits. The company depends on its team and trading bots to generate this favorable outcome. The entity states that it has a trading strategy that is proven to work.

Moreover, this entity brags that it has over 1200 happy clients. Nonetheless, none of them come out to validate that this is indeed a profitable platform. Therefore, we can only assume that the firm is bluffing. They are also not licensed which is another big red flag.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reputable. These brokers are transparent and look after the well-being of traders. You will not regret entrusting your funds to them. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in safe hands.

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