Yorkpro Review: Is Yorkpro.com Legit or Not?

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YorkPro Review
  • Regulation and Registration
  • Fund Safety
  • Customer Support and Contact Details


YorkPro markets itself as the best cryptocurrency broker. Sadly, this is an offshore scheme. They will soon be out of the market. Investors will be left counting their losses.

YorkPro is one of the investments that you are better off without. The venture is trying to con their clients. Your funds are at high risk with them. Nonetheless, the scam guarantees investors that they are going to get high returns. Security of funds should be your main priority. Never settle with a broker that does not cater for the same. 

The company is unreliable and fishy. The broker is operating anonymously. We cannot stress enough the danger of trusting people you do not know with your savings. They can disappear from the market without giving notice. The scheme even fakes its geographical location to get more victims. 

YorkPro Review, YorkPro Company

YorkPro purports it has over 200 products. It is good to diversify your risks. The company mainly deals with cryptocurrency assets. These are some of the most volatile products. It is hard to predict the direction that the industry is going to take. 

YorkPro.com Review

YorkPro markets itself as the best cryptocurrency broker. Sadly, this is an offshore scheme. They will soon be out of the market. Investors will be left counting their losses. The scheme is also operating as a crypto wallet. Storing your digital coin in their platform will only lead to bad outcomes. 

After you complete the registration process, you need to deposit funds. The scheme will require you to verify your proof of residence and identity. Giving them such access will only lead to more hazards. Ponzi schemes can sell your information to criminals. 

YorkPro advertised a commission of 0.87%. The account managers that the venture praises are nowhere to be seen. They do not credit them. Hence we cannot validate that they are indeed qualified. An SSL certificate will not guarantee the safety of your money.

The company is promising investors great earnings. However, we have yet to see a single person who can prove they have generated funds from the broker. Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that do not fake their data.

Trading Conditions of YorkPro

The company brags it has a powerful trading interface. It allegedly provides everything that investors need to kick start their trading journey. It does not matter whether you are a rookie or expert trader. We were expecting a sophisticated trading platform. However, YorkPro avails a basic web trader. It does not have powerful features.

There are five trading accounts. The amount that investors can deposit ranges from $500 up to $5000. The venture is exploiting investors. The minimum market standard is $200, and several legit brokers accept $10. We do not see any unique features with YorkPro.

Furthermore, the company fails to disclose the leverage and spread. This being an offshore scheme expects limits that the regulators do not permit. The trading bonuses are not allowed in the UK. Regardless, the platform has enticing welcome bonuses. You should note that the funds belong to the venture. They will enforce tough measures that you must attain for you to withdraw. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

Depositing funds at YorkPro is a hassle. The scheme claims it accepts funds via credit cards. There is also an option for wire transfer. However, you must go through some shady methods. Most of the legit cryptocurrency entities accept crypto payments. The least amount of money that you can cash out is $100. There is a withdrawal fee of $50 for every request you make. 

If you deposit via BTC, then a fee of 0.0001 Bitcoin applies. The dubious venture also has a rollover charge that ranges from 0.05% to 0,249%. If you decide to use the entity’s exchange features, a 5% charge is also applicable. 

The scheme is only after traders’ funds. Those that accept the bonuses of YorkPro must meet a trading volume of 30 times inclusive of the deposit. The venture is not worth the risks. The company even displays the latest withdrawal to sway naive clients to think it is paying.

Regulation Status of YorkPro

The company purports to be based in the UK. However, after checking on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database, we found out the entity is unlicensed. The financial body mandates all schemes that collect funds from its citizens to deposit capital of 730,000 EUR. Of course, scammers cannot afford such a hefty amount of funds.

Additionally, the platform must also report its daily trading activities. YorkPro is involved in fraudulent activities. They are manipulating the trading results. The red flag that the venture has is vivid that you will be dealing with a Ponzi scheme. The law also requires an investment firm to reveal the experts behind their business. Unfortunately, the fraudsters choose to remain discrete.

Another thing to note is that the scheme is not working with a reputable tier 1 bank. All licensed firms must segregate the funds of their clients. The trading conditions must also protect investors not to lose funds. If you deal with con artists, they will use high leverages to lure you into their business.

Once YorkPro decides to close down its platform, you won’t receive compensation. The government cannot do much as they have constantly warned investors against trading with unregulated schemes. Moreover, the discreteness of the broker makes it hard to go after them. 

Clients Review 

YorkPro is a company that has multiple positive reviews. The problem is that the monitor of TrustPilot is not thorough in checking whether those that leave the information behind are indeed clients of a platform. Another worrying factor is that the individuals are anonymous. There are no profile pictures of social media links. Therefore, we cannot validate if these random people have earned the alleged funds. 

It would help if you were cautious with the information you read online. Scammers tend to manipulate traders. They will leave you high and dry. The misleading reviews claim that investors can earn 30% ROI and above: the more money you deposit, the greater the results.

They praise their account manager, who has been guiding them. Nonetheless, it appears that the company tells the individual what to write. The markets of YorkPro are also fabricating false information. Making money by trading is not as easy as Ponzi schemes make it appear. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

There is an address at YorkPro. Unfortunately, this is not the actual place that the scheme is operating from. The venture also features a phone number and an email address. Scammers only respond when something is intriguing for them. However, once you become a nuisance and start making inquiries regarding your funds, they will cut you off. 

YorkPro.com Review, YorkPro.com Features

YorkPro is a venture that does not have enough funds to hire reliable customer support. Therefore, their sales reps are the ones who will be in communication with you.  They will blacklist you. Refrain from doing business with a shady entity. 

The Domain Insight

Yorkpro.com has been in the market since December 2015. The scheme domain is expected to expire in December 2022. The entity is not genuine; they are going to leave you high and dry. We say this with confidence because even after being in the market for all these years, the scheme has not bothered to provide its trading results. The traffic that is visiting the scheme is also unpleasant. 

Final Verdict

YorkPro does not have a license from the country it purports to originate from. They claim to be trading crypto and forex. However, the information regarding the leverage and spread is missing. The withdrawal requests of the venture are also unpleasant. 

Invest in some of the best cryptocurrency trading ventures. These are entities that have enforced great security measures to protect traders. Their trading results are also available. 


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