Your Eternal Seed Review: Avoid This Fraudulant Gifting Scheme

Your Eternal Seed
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Most of the features of Your Eternal Seed are similar to any other gifting scheme. However, one thing that makes it different from other platforms is that at least acknowledges the fact that it is a gifting scheme and wants to help people earn profits via gifting.

Yet, the company’s claims to provide a significant amount of profits are not true because there are many different factors about this platform that points to the fact that you should not invest in this company. Keep reading this article to get all of the important information about this company:

What is Your Eternal Seed?

Your Eternal Seed describes itself as a one-of-a-kind gifting scheme that can help you in earning a significant amount of profits. states that the mission of the company is to connect like-minded people with each other and help them in earning profits via gifting.

The website mentions the word ‘gifting’ in multiple instances, but it also describes the company model being based on the universal law of giving and receiving. This kind of marketing shows that the company is trying to present itself as a highly sophisticated company that can help you in generating a significant amount of profits.

Domain Insights was registered in August 2016. No major changes have been made to the website since its formation. The company does not provide any information about who is running the company. Instead, it only mentions that a team of professional and experienced individuals are behind this platform.

The analysis of the website with Alexa shows that 75% of the traffic to is from the USA. It shows that it is highly possible that the company is based in the USA. Another interesting feature of the website is that it does not provide much detailed information about the company. It only lists some of the basic features of Your Eternal Seed.

Registration Fee of Your Eternal Seed

If you want to register as an affiliate member at, you have to pay a fee of $35. This fee includes $10 for the admin fee, and the remaining $25 is given to the member who hired you. This is only the initial investment required by Your Eternal Seed. You can also invest in many other packages and levels of the company.

Income Structure of Your Eternal Seed provides the following breakdown of the income structure of the company:

  • Level 1, for which the members have to invest at least $35 to receive $100 and reach level 2.
  • Level 2, at which the members have to invest at least $70 to receive $300 and reach level 3.
  • 3rd Level at which the members have to invest at least $150 to receive $3000 and reach level 4.
  • Level 4, at which the members have to invest at least $550 to receive $5000 and reach level 4.
  • Level 5, at which the members have to invest at least $1125 to receive $24000 and fill all eight positions.

At its core, Your Eternal Seed is following a traditional business model of an 8×1 matrix. This kind of income structure is not suitable for making any kind of significant profits. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this platform.

Instead, you should consider investing in genuine crypto cloud mining companies. Such companies offer a variety of mining options that help you in generating a good amount of profits with minimum investment. Moreover, you can fully trust these platforms because they have been operating in the crypto industry for a long period of time.

Features of Your Eternal Seed

Your Eternal Seed clearly states that it is a gifting scheme. It does not reveal any official address and says that the company is operating via virtual office. Moreover, no proper system of giving and receiving money is explained. Instead, generally mentions that the company has modern ways of implementing checks and balances for successful gifting activities.

The company does not provide any official statistics that would prove the legitimacy of the platform. It is only making general claims that can help you in massive generative wealth. However, such kind of claims is only made to make people invest in this company.

Private Gifting

Your Eternal Seed is claiming to be operating on the process of ‘private gifting.’ It defines the concept as a mechanism that does not involve regular business transactions or multi-level marketing schemes. Instead, the website states that anyone can participate in private gifting to earn profits by distributing funds among the members.  

The company is also using the emotional factor to promote the company. It states that by joining the platform, you will be able to help others and transform your own life in the process. is trying to present the platform as a genuine and legal company by stating that law in America and Canada allows citizens to gift property and various other assets. The website even mentions the specific sections of the law. 

However, just because the law allows gifting, it does not mean that Your Eternal Seed is a legitimate company. In fact, the company does not seem to be registered with any regulatory authority.

Professional Team does not provide any information about the owner of the company. Yet, it is claiming that a team of highly professional and competent individuals is running the platform. The website states the company is not a traditional commercial platform. Instead, it is powered with the help of people who are willing to help each other through gifting. 

Your Eternal Seed

Another way of inciting people to invest in the company is that Your Eternal Seed is claiming to be in full control of the fits and income structure. No independent bodies interfere in this company, which is being marketed as a beneficial feature of the company. 


The business model of Your Eternal Seed makes it evident that the company is a traditional Ponzi scheme. There is nothing new about this platform. It is only presenting itself as a profitable company. In reality, the company is scamming people by taking their $35 investment. makes a variety of contradictory claims. At one point, it states that it is not a commercial opportunity. Yet, it is asking for at least $35 from the users to participate in the company. Furthermore, the terms and conditions listed on the website are too strict. Anyone who signs up on this platform agrees to participate in the cash gifting scheme.

The company is making it clear that it is a gifting scheme and does not have any external source of revenue. In other words, the company will not be able to survive without investment from the users.

As a result, there is no use in investing in this company as you will not be able to make any kind of significant profits from this platform. There is a very high chance that you will end up losing your initial investment as well.

Therefore, you should not invest in Your Eternal Seed. A good alternative to this company would be investing in legal and reliable crypto cloud mining companies. Such companies are suitable for both beginners and experienced crypto miners. You can generate a significant amount of profits by relying on these crypto mining companies because they have all of the required tools and technology needed to perform efficient crypto mining. 

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