Zenithcrypto24 Review: Beware of this Crypto Platform

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Zenithcryto24 Review
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Another crypto investment platform to avoid is Zenithcrypto24. Learn more in our detailed zenithcrypto24.com review

Another Crypto investment scam to avoid is Zenithcrypto24 (zenithcrypto24.com), which has been blocking withdrawals. Investing with Zenith Crypto 24 is a high risk as the platform is a complete sham. No member has had the chance to withdraw funds from the platform. And that’s why we have to expose it and protect clients’ interests. Investing in the platform is a huge issue for crypto lovers. Here’s what you must know in our clear ZENITHCRYPTO24 REVIEW.

Note: When investing in the crypto arena, you need reliable crypto tools. These are the tools experts use to stay ahead of the pack. Additionally, it would be best to utilize crypto trading robots that offer users an edge while trading.

About Zenithcrypto24

Zenithcrypto24 claims to be a different kind of financial firm on the about us page. Unfortunately, that’s true as the platform doesn’t allow any of its members to enjoy the fruits of trading crypto. The platform is a complete mess, and investors should avoid it.

Zenithcrypto24 Review: Pros and Cons

The about us page tells us little about the platform. As we publish this post, it claims to have been up and running for 12 days. Zenith Crypto 24 suggests that it has over $67,000 in total deposits and $8,640 in withdrawals.

As we publish this post, the platform is 14 days old. According to domain checker tools, the website went live on 22nd May 2022. There’s no record of the website registrar or owner, which suggests anonymity.

Such platforms have been popping up recently with claims of helping investors grow their deposits fast. Far from it, once you deposit from these platforms, expect to stay away from them. These are not your average crypto investment platforms.

Several clients have fallen victim to the platform as they failed to see the fruits of their investment. Zenithcrypto24 is to blame as the platform fails to deliver any productive results. The platform goes silent once members demand answers.

These are the main reasons why we have to expose the platform. With crypto investments growing globally, we need to disclose such scams. It will help protect naïve investors from falling into such platforms.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. That will help you make a more insightful decision on which platform to go for.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zenithcrypto24

It would be best to ascertain that a platform is worthy before signing up. Committing funds to an online platform means you feel safe and secure with it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Zenith Crypto 24, as the platform doesn’t have transparency.

Investors mistake failing to issue any relevant searches before signing up with platforms. You have to research a platform before joining it. And that’s where we come into play.

We help expose the features that make a platform a high-risk investment option. There’s a need to go for platforms that have a solid track record in the market. These are the recommended platforms that offer genuine crypto investments.

Here are the pros and cons of zenithcrypto24.com;

Accounts and plans Zenith Crypto 24

Zenithcrypto24 offers five investment plans. These include Normal, Advanced, Superior, Pro, and Elite. Each of these accounts has something they bring to the table. And that’s the reason why we need to take a look at each plan.

Accounts Zenithcrypto24


It’s the most basic account as the platform guarantees it’s safe for naïve investors. The account promises a huge ROI margin of 104 percent after one day. Investors can deposit a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $500.


There’s a guarantee of making 108 percent ROI after a vesting period of two days. The minimum you can invest with the account is $501, with $20,000 being the absolute maximum. Capital is also included in the ROI.


There’s a vesting period of three days for the superior account holder. So investors get the promise of earning 145 percent ROI within the shortest possible time. You also get an assurance of getting your initial capital on top of the profit.


One hundred eighty-eight percent ROI is the promise members get after investing with the pro account. You have to vest for four days before reaching the promised ROI. There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $100 and a maximum of $10,000.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors getting a promise of earning 400 percent ROI. You have to vest for a minimum of 5 days straight to achieve the projected ROI. Investors must deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $5,000.

Account features

Looking at these accounts, you can imagine how inaccurate the platform has become. In addition, the platform promises hefty payouts within the shortest period imaginable. And these are the red flags naïve investors fail to spot.

Most of them want to earn a considerable ROI within the shortest period imaginable. In any crypto investment, the shortest vesting period is three to four months. Any platform claiming to offer ROI within a shorter period is lying to clients.

There’s also the issue of guaranteeing profits to investors. No sane expert or professional trader would make such guarantees. The crypto market is volatile and making such assumptions is a huge problem for investors.

Also, we have to highlight the ROI margins, which are more than 100 percent. That means the platform will more than double your investment. Who in their right mind can do so within 24 hours? These are false claims intended to attract naïve investors.

Are funds safe with Zenithcrypto24 .com? NO

Affiliate and referral plans

There’s a three-level affiliate plan available on the platform. The first plan involves a direct referral where members earn 5 percent of the total deposit. Then, a 3 percent commission is what you get as a second-line referral.

There’s a one percent commission for third-line referrals for the final referral plan. It seems like a plausible way of earning passive income considering the deposit requirements. However, there are a few issues to note before you sign up.

The platform won’t release any of the affiliate commissions in question. Far from it, the platform is only looking to take advantage of your connections. After all, is said and done, the platform leaves referrals hanging.

Those you also refer to the platform end up not enjoying the projected income levels. The platform is a hoax meant to drive investors to sign up with them. And that’s why we have to expose zenithcrypto24.com.

Business holder

No information is available regarding who owns or runs the platform. And that’s the most significant issue you can find with investment platforms. No owner means Zenithcrypto24 is an anonymous crypto investment platform.

The problem with such platforms is that no member gets to recover funds. No one knows where the owner stores all deposits. Even recovery agents don’t have a clue of where to start. We recommend not hiring them in such situations.

Client testimony

The platform uses Avatars to list comments associated with clients. That means the platform is only using false commentary to fool investors. We won’t be a party to that and insist these comments are inaccurate.

Is Zenith Crypto 24 Licensed or Regulated? NO

Compliance, License, and Regulation Zenithcrypto24

Zenithcrypto24 is not a compliant trading platform.

Final remarks

Please avoid investing with zenithcrypto24.com.

Take advisory: Invest in genuine crypto investments that guarantee security.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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