Zenox Trade Review: Zenoxtrade.ltd Obvious Scam

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Zenox Trade
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Zenox Trade is a company that is too no good. The platform is a modern-day scam that will leave you high and dry. The government does not regulate them, and the address the firm avails is not verified. Additionally, there is no client feedback regarding this entity. Invest with legit, reliable companies in the market.

Zenox Trade is a company that is obviously another scam. The platform claims that it’s private and deals with various online investment ventures. Their main investment asset is cryptocurrency. Nowadays, scammers use digital currency trading as a way to deceive clients.

Often you will find that there is no investment taking place. Ponzi scheme mastermind will design a website and not give enough details of their operations. Afterward, innocent traders will fall victim to losing money once their system collapse.

Zenox Trade is one of those platforms that look forward to scamming as many people as they can. This is not the greatest venture of all time. We highly doubt that this company shall survive in the industry for a period of more than one year.

Zenox Trade Review, Zenox Trade Company

Once there is no more coming into their system, it will be time to close down their business. Moreover, the firm lacks a professional team that is handling the funds of traders. How can you trust people that you do not know with the security of your information and funds?

The entity is fully anonymous, and the chances of their being scammers are high. Additionally, the trading conditions of the platform are not disclosed. Avoid making a blind move by entrusting your money to the wrong people. The safety of your funds should be your main objective.

Zenoxtrade.ltd Review

Zenox Trade purports that it is a very profitable venture. The company is generous enough to share its fortune with its clients. However, how this platform can yield such high earnings remains a mystery. The win rates and the drawdown of the entity are unknown.

The firm markets itself as the future digital currency secure investment company. Payments allegedly reflect instantly once done. The multiple accounts of this entity are the ones that contribute to their huge success. However, this platform presents false information regarding its trading history.

Zenox Trade is a venture that was launched in mid-2020. Nonetheless, they brag about being in the market since 2002. The platform states it operated offline that is the reason behind their late registration. The scam is only trying to cover up their shady characteristics.

The scam is accepting clients from Europe, America, and China. However, they do not limit traders from other continents. They assure investors of the generation of stable income for a long timeframe. It is important to note that the crypto market is volatile and hard to predict your next outcome.

Therefore, perform explicit research on a company before investing your hard-earned money. There are better reliable crypto trading companies that are regulated by the financial watchdogs in the market. They offer fund safety to their clients.

How does Zenox Trade Operates?

The company claims that it has the ability to generate more income for its clients than their competitors. It allegedly uses legit methods to generate these high rewards. The venture also holds that it is transparent and reliable.

However, this is another sick lie to get money from naive investors. Investing in this scam will only lead to a loss of money. The narrative of becoming rich overnight is misleading.

The moment traders stop being greedy and jumping to every opportunity that presents itself, the scheme of these scams will end. Zenox trade is a platform that is not secure. The scam states that it has the ability to influence the market, which is just but another fat lie.

The entity is an anonymous venture that will leave multiple investors high and dry. It would be best if you refrained from entrusting your hard-earned money with this shady firm. They are incapable of multiplying your income.

Investment Plans and Returns

Zenox Trade has four enticing investment plans for investors. Additionally, you can generate more funds by referring new people to this shady platform. Keep in mind that it is illegal to promote unregulated entities to the public. You can be prosecuted.

Furthermore, since this is a pure scam, it is unethical to help them steal from innocent investors. The money of new investors is usually used to pay their pioneer customers. The withdrawal request surpasses the amount of money coming into the website.

Zenox Trade Scam, Zenox Trade Investment Plans


Therefore, the pyramid schemes do not survive long. It is the reason you will find their domain only registered for a period of one year. Zenox Trade Limited returns ranges from 10% up to 30%. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this scam is $30.

The shortest duration that it can take to yield these returns is 2 days. All the other plans mature after a duration of 10 days. The payments are made daily. However, there we are yet to encounter an investor who has already earned using this suspicious firm.

Zenox Trade is a lazy scam that is easy to spot. The company’s high return promise is unattainable. They exaggerate their potential to get funds from the public. Avoid this Ponzi scheme like the plague.

Zenox Trade Contact Details

The platform boasts that it has multiple staff that is qualified and ready to help their clients. There is a physical address that is available on their website. The only way to contact the company is via email address. We find it odd that such a platform is unable to hire a reliable support team.

They should have a telephone number to ease communication between investors and the company. Unfortunately, since this is a Ponzi scheme, they are careful not to blow up their cover.

Once they collect enough funds from investors, the firm will close down their business. Immediately they do this; the company will stop responding to their clients. Avoid this unprofessional treatment by investing in reliable companies.

Regulation Status

Zenox Trade is a platform that is not licensed by the government. The firm is collecting money illegally from investors without meeting the legal measure set by the financial watchdogs. Investing with unregulated entities exposes you to multiple risks.

For starters, your money is not secure. Your personal information can be sold to a third party. The governments are trying to protect investors against investing with scammers. Therefore, strict rules are put in place. Ponzi schemes do not have a compensation scheme.

Hence, once they exit the market, you will not receive a penny. Additionally, clients’ funds are not segregated. Once you cash in, the money goes directly into the scammers’ pocket. You will suffer huge losses.

Ensure that you only trade with reliable licensed companies. It will save you a lot of trouble. Moreover, you will sleep peacefully, knowing that your money is in safe hands.

Final Verdict

Zenox trade Limited is a suspicious venture that is to no good. The platform is promising huge returns that are unattainable. If you deposit your money with them, you will be in for a rude shock. They are not licensed, and the contact details that the platform avails are fake.

The returns which the firm advertises are meant for trapping innocent traders. You should be on the lookout and avoid this broker like the plague. You will not become rich by trusting the wrong entity.

Invest with reliable licensed crypto trading companies that have been serving multiple clients diligently. You will never go wrong with these platforms. Moreover, your safety is there priority. The platforms do not make unattainable promises to their customers.

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