Zeyfex Review: Zeyfex.com A Self-Regulated Broker

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Zeyfex Review
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Zeyfex falsely claims it has a license from CySEC. This is a fat lie and the financial body cannot permit a shady broker like this one to operate in its territory. It shows the determination of the scheme to mislead customers into thinking this is a genuine venture. 

Zeyfex is a company that tries so hard to remain relevant in the company. It is absurd that in a market where legit entities are doing their level best to protect investors and offer top-notch services, a con artist lacks a solid trading technique. 

This is an offshore entity that you cannot rely on to generate real-time returns. They brag that investors can exploit over 30K trading instruments. The available assets are cryptocurrency, forex, and stocks.

Zeyfex Review, Zeyfex Company

These are risky products, and a single mistake can result in huge losses. The technique which Zeyfex is using remains a mystery.  The scheme also provides investors with bonuses that are undesirable. You will accept their offer with open arms, but the conditions you have to meet for you to cash out shall be dire. 

The entity claims it accepts traders from over 140 countries. Unfortunately, none of these nations permits the scheme to conduct its business. The platform is operating illegally, and the people behind the scheme ought to be put behind bars. 

Another worrying fact is that Zeyfex is anonymous. They leave no traces behind regarding the parent company, founder, or team responsible for their services. The only guarantee is that you will suffer a bad outcome if you blindly invest in this venture. 

Zeyfex.com Review

Zeyfex falsely claims it has a license from CySEC. This is a fat lie, and the financial body cannot permit a shady broker like this one to operate in its territory. It shows the determination of the scheme to mislead customers into thinking this is a genuine venture. 

Sharing your personal detail with this entity is unwise. They can violate your privacy and sell the data to a third party. The company is a get-rich-quick scheme that promises to multiply the profits of traders.

It takes time to master the trading skill. The narrative of Zeyfex is bogus. The company does not even have a trading history. You should only trade with a regulated broker that has a great reputation in the market. They offer top-notch services minding the investors. 

The company has an affiliate program. They promise a handsome commission to those that refer investors to their scheme. Once things stop favoring the scheme, the company will have no option but to close down its business. Customers’ funds will be trapped in their system.

Contact Details

You must know the country of origin of the scheme you want to invest in. A genuine company will not have any problem presenting this details. However, the offshore brokers will never disclose the area of operation.

This is because the venture cannot risk exposing themselves to the authority. The only way that you can reach Zeyfex is via email. They feature several social media icons on their website, but none is opening. The link leads you back to the home page. 

The platform is unethical, and you can expect unprofessional customer support services from them. The venture is only looking after itself. Turning a blind eye to the red flags will cost you dearly. 

Zeyfex Trading Conditions

There is an MT5 for traders. The software is genuine and has several indicators, automatic trading, and you can utilize the charts. The spread for the EURUSD pair is 1 pip while the leverage is 1:1000. This is enough to prove that this is an unregulated scheme.

Financial watchdogs limit the leverage to 1:30-1:50.  Zeyfex is pushing traders to high risks, and you can lose all your funds in a blink of an eye. The company wants to attract traders by insinuating you are going to get the best trading services. Your money is doomed to fail, and there is nothing for you in this venture. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity is accepting money via wire transfer and Bitcoin. These are two options that do not permit traders to issue a chargeback. The moment you submit your deposit, your funds are at the mercy of the suspicious scheme.

The legit platform will avail several payment options like Skrill, Neteller, Debit, and credit card. Sadly, this is a company that fails to feature its trading results. They do not mention the requirements that traders have to meet for them to cash out funds. 

Zeyfex is operating as it pleases without minding the consequences its customers have to face. All your money may end up being subjected to unfavorable fees. 

Regulation and Registration

Zeyfex claims it has a license from St Vincent and the Grenadines government. Therefore, the scheme is operating legally. Unfortunately, there is no forex regulator on this Island. It is a common mistake that novice traders make by thinking a shady broker has the best interest for their money.

The Australian and Cyprus government does not authorize this broker to collect funds from citizens. The company has not met the minimum capital required by both watchdogs. 

Zeyfex.com Review, Zeyfex.com Trading Conditions

If an entity does not segregate funds of traders, it is a big red flag. Your money will be used for all the wrong reasons apart from investment. You cannot use this venture once they exit the industry. 

Moreover,  Zeyfex can violate its terms whenever it pleases. Make sure that you stick to regulated entities in the market.  The self-regulated scheme will leave you high and dry. The venture does not report its daily activity to any financial watchdog. Hence, they can manipulate prices. 

Lack of Client Feedback

Despite having great trading conditions and a superior trading platform, Zeyfex does not have clients’ reviews. Therefore, investors cannot understand how the broker operates. It is important that you check what other people think regarding a platform before funding an account.

Third-party websites are best as they are not prone to manipulation. Con artists can be tactical, and they feature false testimonials on their websites. The fraudsters can also pay random people who are not their clients to endorse them. Ensure that you research thoroughly to avoid any unforeseen event. 

Is Zeyfex Legit?

Unfortunately, this is not a legit venture. Zeyfex fake its legitimacy status to trap more victims into its scheme. Another red flag is that the company guarantees traders they can double their returns. This is a bluff, and most of the platforms that make such claims are fraud.

The leverage they advertise is attractive to traders. However, keep in mind that the financial bodies in the market do not allow something over 1:50. You can lose all your money in a blink of an eye. 

Remember, once you lose, the broker wins. The entity does not set the minimum amount for the standard account. The withdrawal and deposit requirements are another big mystery. This shows that Zeyfex is a shady venture. The company should prove to investors it is legit and avail all the basic requirements. 

Final Verdict

Zeyfex is trading a variety of products. Assets like cryptocurrency and forex are very volatile. Therefore, it is not easy to double your income. It would help if you were cautious and keen not to lose money to con artists eyeing your hard-earned funds. 

Here is a list of some reputable forex trading companies. These ventures are transparent and you will earn passive income without risking your safety. You get the value of your money.

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