ZurichInvests Review: Zurichinvests.com Unregulated Broker

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ZurichInvests Review
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The company has already received a warning from a reputable financial body. There is nothing for you on this website. The great outcome is only a ploy of getting more people to scam. Stay away from ZurichInvests.

ZurichInvests claim to have millions of clients. The entity aims at making the trading experience of their clients worthwhile. However, their numbers do not add up. The entity is barely a year old and statistics from Alexa.com indicates there is a low number of investor visiting the website.

Moreover, even the best brokers in the market have a hard time attaining such a number of clients. The entity has a free demo account available for its clients. However, you should keep in mind that some of these fraudsters manipulate information.

ZurichInvests Review, ZurichInvests Company

It might appear as though you are ready to trade but the whole time the scam is displaying the wins. ZurichInvests is dealing with Forex, EFTs, Shares, Commodities, Shares, Spot Metals, Vanilla Options, and Bonds.

Some of the currency pairs that you can trade are; GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDJPY. The company also avails analysis, trading tools, and news to their clients. Once you join them you can get technical analysis, an economic calendar, and a calculator to project your returns.

However, this does not change the fact that ZurichInvests is a fraudulent entity. Investors should not waste their time with this dirty scheme. Invest today with transparent and genuine forex trading brokers in the market.

ZurichInvests.com Review

The venture allegedly has thousands of assets at the disposal of its clients. The entity also claims that it is utilizing the latest technology in the market. They also brag about having a responsive customer support team.

The verification process takes less than 5 minutes. However, we are not aware of the people that are managing the operation of ZurichInvests. They are only looking after their greedy needs without minding their customers.

Investors will not generate an income using this entity. Moreover, the real location of this company remains a mystery. Therefore, it is going to be a cat and mouse chase trying to get hold of them. The platform is only after making itself rich using your deposit.

Moreover, they have already received a warning from a reputable financial body. There is nothing for you on this website. The great outcome is only a ploy of getting more people to scam. Stay away from ZurichInvests.

You can get more reliable regulated forex brokers to trade with. Moreover, you will trade with confidence without having to worry about being conned. Additionally, investors have full control of their accounts.

The Trading Conditions of ZurichInvests

The entity avails an MT4 trading platform to its customers. It is one of the reputable and lovable interfaces in the market. The trading conditions of ZurichInvests are pathetic and we urge all investors to stay away from this dirty scheme.

They are offering a spread of 2 pips which is not profitable for their customers. Reputable and genuine investment brokers provide a tight spread of below 1 pip. There are several legit firms that you can use to earn passive income.

ZurichInvests.com Review, ZurichInvests Features

ZurichInvests avail leverage cap ranging from 1:100 to 1:500. Despite many investors viewing this as a lucrative offer, it exposes you to huge risks. If you do not have a huge risk appetite refrains from trading with a high cap.

It can lead to a negative account balance. This is the reason why many financial bodies set a limit on leverage. For the UK forex companies, the limit is that of 1:30 while the US caps it at 1:50. They are trying to protect their clients.

The Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can fund their accounts via Wire Transfers, or Debit and credit option. However, ZurichInvests is a firm that is not transparent regarding their withdrawal and deposit. They leave out essential information like the minimum amount that you can deposit.

This is not new to us as scammers will set up different amounts for their clients. It depends on your geographical location or your occupation job. If you choose to cash in using wire transfers forget about getting your money back.

If you want to test the waters with infamous brokers do so using the credit card option as you can conduct a chargeback. We do not know if there are any fees that apply when cashing out funds. ZurichInvests only states that the withdrawal request will take 2-5 business days.

You should not take this fraudulent entity seriously. Scammers never process the payout of their clients. You will only see the high returns reflect on the dashboard. However, if you try getting your money back it will be a nightmare.

ZurichInvests Registration and Regulation

ZurichInvests is a firm that is operating illegally. The platform does not offer fund safety to its clients. It is a notorious Ponzi scheme that uses false information to lure in new customers. The company allegedly is composed of 5 business entities.

However, this is another fat lie. They use reputable companies like FX Publication that are not associated or linked to them. It is dirty scams that tarnish the good name of genuine firms. We recommend that you perform thorough research before entrusting your funds to any venture.

ZurichInvests proclaims that it has a license from the Swiss and the UK financial watchdogs. Therefore, we decided to check on the database of FCA and CONSOB. We were not surprised to find their name missing.

The company has no deposited a working capital that can act as compensation to their customers. Moreover, this scam also provides a regulatory document by SFINS. Unfortunately, there is no regulatory body that goes by that name.

Additionally, ZurichInvests has already been blacklisted by the CONSOB. Investing with them while they have such a huge red flag is a big mistake. There is nothing good that will ever come out of this dirty scheme.

The Domain Insight

ZurichInvests.com is an entity that was registered in July 2020. The entity domain name will expire after one year. The people that are running this firm are anonymous. There is no lead that shows who they are or the qualifications that they possess to handle the funds of investors. Additionally, the entity is not reputable. This is evident by the low traffic that is visiting their website. Avoid being their lab rat because nothing good can come out of this firm.

Client Feedback

Despite being young in the market the website has already developed a negative rush from their clients. Investors are not pleased with how the entity is operating. There are a number of reviews that expose ZurichInvests as a scam.

Moreover, clients have already lost funds using this dirty scheme. The people that are behind this firm have one objective which is to steal from as many people as they can. Thereafter they will exit the market leaving investors devastated.

Final Verdict

ZurichInvests is an investment firm that is already blacklisted by CONSOB. They are offering investment services on various products. However, investors should refrain from giving them money. The red flags surrounding this Ponzi scheme are clearly visible.

The platform is targeting investors from the EU and the UK. Their trading conditions do not favor investors. We do not find anything unique that makes them exceptional. Moreover, there are better firms in the market.

Invest with the regulated forex trading companies that have no intention of scamming their clients. You will earn real time returns while you increase your trading experience. These brokers also avails their trading results.

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