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The dictionary definition of scam is “a dishonest scheme; a fraud or a swindle”. Simply put, scams part legitimate persons from their money in illegitimate ways. At Scam Warning, we are here to provide you with resources that will ensure that this does not happen to you.

We provide necessary and current information to internet users about how to recognise, escape and report scams. To do this, we make available publications, timely news, videos, and other online resources to assist users in understanding and preventing damages that may arise from scams.

We aim to educate users on the various forms of scams available; scams such as unexpected winnings and money, fake charities, buying and selling scams, fake charities, jobs and investments scams, threats and extortion scams (particularly in the forex, cryptocurrency and MLM niches), as well as disguised attempts to gain users’ personal information.

Scamwarning.org aims to arm users with information on where to get help, how to protect themselves against scams, as well as how to protect their businesses. On our website, you will also find first-hand accounts of those who have been scammed in the past, as a lesson for users.

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