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The online investment and trading world has become a formidable ground for creating wealth through various investment strategies.

And this has attracted thousands of investors to irk a living out of investing in the online world. These investments include Binary Options, CFD Trading, Crypto Investments, and Forex.

All these are credible investment options you can take to make a living and create wealth for yourself.

Sadly, this has also attracted scammers who look to take advantage of naïve investors who don’t know how to manage and protect themselves from scammers.

We have dedicated an entire website to exposing scams as well as highlighting some of the best investment platforms proven and tested by our very own experts.

For those who have fallen victim to such scams, you can now recover your funds with ease.

How to Recover your funds with Got-Payback

In most scams, the investor rarely sees the loophole until it’s too late. You either get a blocked account, or the platform ceases to exist.

What’s next for you is to recover your funds from such platforms. Worry not, and this is an achievable task the Got-Payback crew has perfected.

For those who have been victims of online fraud, the best option to help recover your funds is to contact Got-Payback.

This British Company, whose headquarters is in London, offers a unique way of helping investors and traders alike recover funds.

The Company has a solid success record and over the past three years, has retrieved over £10 million.

With an international client base, the Company manages to recover your funds through a series of well-planned strategies involving law enforcement.

What is a ChargeBack?

A chargeback is a transaction reversal that acts to protect consumers from any fraudulent activities, including a lack of transparent products and services.

The Chargeback aims to protect both individual consumers and merchants who offer services.

In most cases, investment platforms start with clear intentions, only to fail in the end. And as a customer, the balance owed must be sent to you in case of bankruptcy.

It rarely happens, and this is one of the reasons why the Got-Payback Company decided to start rolling out recover your fund’s services.

With any of the plans victims choose, you can easily recover your funds.

Got-Payback has, over the years, mastered the recovery process by applying various techniques to recover your funds.

To be clear, Got-Payback is a one-stop shop for victims looking to recover funds from fraudulent online activities.

Here are the plans used to address these issues and you can take a look at each plan and decide which one suits you best while you wait to recover your funds.

Thanks to their superior services, some of these plans have a NO WIN NO FEE basis which protects the victims as well.

Got-Payback Plans to help Recover your funds

Basic Plan

Here’s what the basic plan will afford you

  • Review the case
  • Find any and all loopholes from the Merchant
  • Collect all relevant evidence/information regarding the issue
  • Help prepare a winning dispute
  • Plan your case
  • Consult with industry regulators regarding your case
  • Get up to 60 minutes call to plan and strategize the plan of action 4 sessions 15 minutes each
  • No Win No Fee
  • 30 percent from recovered funds charge
  • £59 compliance charge won’t be included
  • £100 charge for legal service may apply if needed for a dispute

Advanced Plan

Get to know the features of the advanced plan

  • Start by reviewing your case
  • Finding the loopholes including the merchant’s mistakes
  • Collecting relevant evidence and information regarding the case
  • Preparing a winning dispute for the case
  • Help plan the case
  • Consult with industry regulators and processors regarding your case
  • 60 minute call to plan 4 sessions going for 15 minutes
  • £750 nonrefundable fee paid upfront
  • 20 percent from recovered funds as charges or payment for the Got-Payback Company
  • £59 compliance charge included

Ultimate Plan

Here are the features you get from the ultimate plan

  • Review your case
  • Finding any loopholes and mistakes by the merchant/platform
  • Collect all relevant evidence and information pertaining to the case
  • Preparing a winning dispute
  • Planning your case
  • A fast approach to regulators and fee processors regarding the dispute
  • Consult and co-respond with all parties to get the best results
  • Receive legal opinions from the best attorneys for the case

Why we Recommend Got-Payback

The Company will recover your funds, estimated from £3,000 to £10,000 with an additional contingency basis of around 30 percent.

Please note that the above fees are paid to the attorney handling your case.

Got-Payback goes for scammers no matter the type of payment or processing fees used by these scammers.

With a team of highly proficient recovery agents, rest assured the team will recover your funds.

If you are a victim, contact Got-Payback today and recover your funds.

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