Etal Dunet Review: is a Dirty Scam

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Etal Dunet Review
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There were no social media pages where we could get more information. One primary reason for this is to avoid accountability. By remaining anonymous, brokers can avoid scrutiny. This anonymity also creates a sense of impunity.

When you click the link to Etal Dunet website it takes you directly to the log in or registration page. This was the first red flag we noticed about this broker. This is unusual because the broker should allow you to explore their website more to understand its features before you can register an account.       

   Etal Dunet Review, Etal Dunet Scheme

Do not work with scammers like Etal Dunnet but instead, register with reputable and transparent crypto brokers for a smooth trading experience. Many of the online forex trading scammers use promotions to attract investors. Some even offer welcome bonuses to attract traders to their platforms.          


After opening an account, we found that you could trade currencies, stocks, crypto, gold and indices. This broker has an array of instruments for traders to choose from. However, although they seem to be concerned about the customer’s welfare, the reality on the ground is different. 

On, we found that the broker registered their domain on 14th February 2024. Thus, they have only been operational for a few months at the time of writing this review. This is a common feature among scammers. They know their days are numbered and hence want to exit the market as soon as possible.                   

Founders and Team

We could not find the company founders anywhere on the website. There were also no social media pages where we could get more information. One primary reason for this is to avoid accountability. By remaining anonymous, brokers can avoid scrutiny. This anonymity also creates a sense of impunity.

Another reason is to avoid association with previous controversies or failures. If a broker or its founders have been involved in past financial mishaps, they may choose to hide their identities. This allows them to start afresh and attract new clients without the burden of their tarnished reputation. 

Etal Dunet Contact Details

Although the broker has some contact details, they’re not reliable. We could not verify the email they provided because when we texted them, they did not respond. This was not unexpected because we had already established that the broker is a perennial scammer. 

A possible reason for this is to create a facade of legitimacy. By withholding contact information, they can project an image of mystery and exclusivity. This secrecy not only serves to deceive but also makes it difficult for victims to track down the perpetrators once the scam is uncovered.


In the fast-paced world of forex trading, you can win fortunes or lose them the blink of an eye. The importance of choosing a regulated broker cannot therefore be overemphasized. Regulation protects traders from fraud, ensuring fair trading practices, and integrity.

Unregulated brokers operate outside the oversight of regulatory authorities. This allows them to misappropriate client funds, manipulate market prices, and provide false or misleading information. By choosing a regulated broker, traders can rest assured that their funds are protected and that the broker is held to strict standards of conduct.

Regulation also ensures fair trading practices. Regulated brokers are required to adhere to a set of rules and regulations designed to promote transparency and fairness in the markets. These regulations often include requirements for maintaining adequate capital reserves, segregating client funds, and providing transparent pricing and execution practices.

Etal Dunet is not a regulated broker. Also, we observed that the website was primarily in Russian hence suggesting they are targeting people from this nation. Disturbingly however, the Bank of Russia has noticed the fraudulent broker and warned its citizens against dealing with them.         

Etal Dunet Trading Conditions

The broker is mum about its spread and leverage. These are critical parameters when selecting a broker. We however observed with a lot of concern that the broker requires customers to transact only though crypto currencies. This is a dubious tactic because such transactions are anonymous and irreversible.        

Final Verdict

Etal Dunet is a scam broker. There are too many red flags associated with this broker that are hard to ignore. In forex trading, it’s virtually impossible to trade without a broker. However, scammers take advantage of this necessity to exploit customers.

Fortunately, there are still many honest and transparent crypto brokers in the market today and you can rely on them.             

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