Crypfxoption Review: A False CFTC Regulated Platform

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Crypfxoption Review
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Summary tries to impress investors by claiming to offer guaranteed ROIs. However, please stay away from the platform as withdrawal is impossible. Learn more in our detailed CRYPFXOPTION REVIEW.

Crypfxoption is a clone, and the results of investing with it are devastating. Over the past few months, hundreds of investors have failed to withdraw from the platform. However, there are several red flags found on the platform. After numerous complaints, we decided to look at what the platform offers. Unfortunately, those who have invested with have nothing but damning comments. Please find out more in our clear CRYPFXOPTION REVIEW.

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About Crypfxoption

Crypfxoption Pros and Cons

On the about us page, Crypfxoption claims to be one of the leading crypto investment companies. In addition, the platform boasts a steer crypto investment reputation in the United States.

Not a lot of investors have heard of the platform. For over the months the platform has been available, a few have benefited from it. Only the people who partner with the platform get the chance to withdraw funds.

The platform acts as a pyramid scheme that protects investors. You get a platform that will likely fail to offer any real investment. Instead, the benefactors share your deposits amongst themselves. And that’s why you don’t get a penny from the platform.

The website has been running for 642 days as we publish this post according to domain records. And this goes to show how long the platform blocked withdrawals. Mostly, newbies feel the full effect of the platform’s wrath.

The platform claims to have been around for 365 days and has a total of over 16,000 investors. These are false claims as the number is relatively small. No one wants to invest in a platform that blocks withdrawals.

Experts recommend that you do due diligence when investing in any market. Make sure to know the pros and cons before committing funds. In addition, you can read our eye-opening reviews on Crypto and forex products.

Acceptable funding methods

There are several funding methods made available for members. However, the platform doesn’t want to excuse members for not depositing funds. These include bank and wire transfers, and there’s also the option of crypto deposits.

The platform will insist on crypto deposits most of the time. With anonymity surrounding cryptocurrency, it makes it easy to deny deposit claims. After depositing funds, the amount will reflect within 24 hours for bank and wire transfers.

Crypto transfers are almost immediate, with funds appearing within 30 minutes. After that, the platform takes over and gives an impression your money is working for you. After that, members start seeing their account balance rising.

When the day finally comes for you to withdraw funds, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform will give members excuses as to why withdrawal is impossible. You won’t get to withdraw funds as the platform moves to delete your account.

Accounts Crypfxoption

Crypfxoption offers four different account types to choose from. These include starter, silver, gold, and premium. Each of these accounts comes with distinctive features, such as the required deposit amount.

Here’s a closer look at each of the accounts;

Accounts Crypfxoption


It’s the most basic account that the platform offers to newbies. You have to make a minimum deposit of $500 to start trading. The account promises professional charts and daily trading alerts. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of forex trading features on the tier.


You have to deposit a minimum of $700 for the silver account. Members get the same features as the starter account. We don’t see the difference between the two apart from the minimum deposit requirement.


Members have to deposit $1,000 to get started with the account. The account also shares the same features as the other two above. A notable difference is the expected ROI projected by the account. Members get a promise of making $9,556 with the account.


For premium account holders, it’s the most executive account. Investors expect to make an ROI of $15,999. These are high projections that the platform creates. It’s mainly targeting institutional clients.

Account Features

There’s the issue of missing information regarding the vesting period. The platform is silent on how long investors have to wait for the vesting period to lapse. An email response from the staff members claims the maximum you can stay is a month.

That’s not factual, as the minimum investing period for crypto investment is longer. The acceptable and accurate minimum investment is three to four months. So any platform claiming to earn profit within a few days is lying.

There’s also the issue of professional charts and trading alerts. The platform doesn’t give members a chance to trade. Instead, you get a platform that trades on your behalf. No one gets a hold of the alerts.

Account opening process

When opening an account, the platform will offer a straightforward process. You get to give your information, such as address and full names. However, we have a problem with their account verification process.

The account waits for investors to hit the withdrawal tab to verify their accounts. You get an email asking you to send verification documents. These include a copy of your ID, bank statements, and credit card information.

We don’t understand why the platform would ask for such crucial documents. There are other ways of verifying an account. For example, you can verify an account via a two-factor authentication program.

Are funds safe with

Business holder

You won’t get to know who owns or runs the platform. Despite claiming to be a reputable crypto investment platform, the owners stay behind the curtain. And this is why you have to stay away from the platform.

Such platforms will often fail to offer realistic profit margins. The owner will want nothing to do with it once a formal investigation starts. And this makes Crypfxoption an anonymous investment platform.

It would be best to stay away from such platforms as recovering funds is next to impossible. Those who hire recovery agents also end up losing more funds. These agents also take part in the cover-up. Don’t add more misery by sending funds to these agents.

Client testimony

There’s a client testimonial section seen on the homepage. The platform will attempt to falsify the success of individuals. These are stock images the platform uses to fool investors. The photos are also found on sister platforms.

Crypfxoption License and Registration

Crypfxoption is not a regulated platform and holds no valid trading license. There’s no regulator in the United States that has given the platform the thumbs up. Please stay away from anonymous and unregulated platforms.

Only invest in platforms regulated by reputable regulators. These include ASIC, BaFIN, CFTC, CONSOB, CNMV, and the FCA. Others include FINMA, FINTA, NFA, and the SEC.

Deposit and Fund safety Crypfxoption

Avoid investing with Crypfxoption

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer reliable trading options. The platform fails to give investors any security net when tragedy strikes. There’s no insurance cover for deposits made by clients.

The platform also fails to segregate accounts as dictated by trading regulations. As a result, you won’t get any information on trading with these platforms. That’s why you need to stay away from such irresponsible platforms.

Final Verdict

After exposing all the red flags, we recommend that you stay away from Crypfxoption.

Instead, go for affordable crypto robots that offer accuracy and transparency.

Do you have anything to add? Feel free to drop a comment or email us with any queries.

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