Crypto Cloud Mine Review: Untrustworthy New Crypto Scam

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Crypto Cloud Mine Review
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Crypto Cloud Mine is a scam that will not be in the market for a long duration. The entity is looking for investors that are not knowledgeable about crypto mining. It promises high returns which are unattainable due to the cryptocurrency’s volatile nature.

Crypto Cloud Mine is a crypto mining company. It allows investors to mine cryptos without having to buy expensive hardware. They allegedly want to multiply the earnings of their clients. Unfortunately, this is a scam that does not provide sufficient information.

Once you fill up their registration form you can start earning. Investors need to select the best contracts and begin mining. Moreover, you can cash out your earnings directly in your wallet. Investors can allegedly mine over 100 cryptos.

Crypto Cloud Mine Review, Crypto Cloud Mine Company is involved in cloud mining activities. The entity states that it pays investors via Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their pro contact can earn you 20% returns within a year. The platform encourages investors to reinvest their earnings to increase their profits up to 180%.

Unfortunately, there is a mixed reaction from the crypto community regarding this entity. Some investors term this as a Ponzi scheme for not handling investors’ funds. Others think that this is the best venture. Sadly, this is an offshore firm that investors should watch out for.

Mining activity is one of the many ways that you can use to earn passive income. Venture with the best mining companies in the market that are transparent and reliable. You will find all the necessary information proving these are legit firms. Review

Crypto Cloud Mine allegedly uses the SHA 256 PRO in their mining process. It allows the entity to offer better payouts to their clients. The company currently has a discount on all their mining contracts. Investors are being offered 30% off for the next one month.

The moment you sign up you will begin earning the following day. The deal of this platform seems too good to be true. Their contract runs from 1 year up to a lifetime. The firm is charging a maintenance fee.

The daily income that you can get is that of $26.80. The entity also states that once you trade with them you stand a chance of earning 95% within 60 seconds. Cryptocurrency assets are not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Multiple investors have already lost a valuable amount of funds. If you are not keen and believe every venture that promises huge returns you will make huge losses. Moreover, Binary options have been banned in various counties.

These products are viewed as gambling assets. The risk that investors are exposed to when dealing with options is very high. Crypto Cloud Mine claims that their clients can copy trading from experienced traders.

How Does Crypto Cloud Mine Operates

The company targets all forms of investors. They even recommend newbies to join them. You can select the trader that you want to imitate. Moreover, it is also no necessary to trade manually. You can sit back and watch as your account grows.

The entity assures investors that withdrawal requests are processed on time.  They also feature earnings of their customers that are very high. Alongside this information is the number of traders that are currently copying the expert investors.

Crypto Cloud Mine is a scam that will not be in the market for a long duration. The entity is looking for investors that are not knowledgeable about crypto mining. It promises high returns which are unattainable due to the cryptocurrency’s volatile nature.

Crypto Cloud Mine Services

The mining company allegedly offer a number of crypto coins; BTC, ETH, Zcash, Litecoin, and Dash. The price varies depending on the maintenance fee and prices. The firm states that it does not charge any maintenance charges for Ethereum.

The company offers a number of mining plans to clients. Their plans run for one week and the minimum amount that you need to deposit to start earning is too high. Its first plan requires cash-in of $1000 up to $9999. Review, Features

They guarantee a payout of 2.5%. The other returns are also absurd. The hardware that the company is using is allegedly already running. They do not produce high noise. They are also the fastest in the market.

The minimum amount that investors can cash out from this platform is $3700. Their requirements are outrageous. The best companies in the industry will let you withdrawal any amount that you please.

Contact details

Crypto Cloud Mine has an active Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel. You can contact the company via email and phone. The company purports that it is operating from the UK. They however fail to provide their actual office address.

The entity is an offshore venture that can be tricky to deal with once they decide to exit the market. Moreover, customer support might never respond to your complaints once you make any losses.

The company presents an email address and a form that investors can use. It appears that the scam has no intention of responding to the complaints of their clients. A company that does not have responsive support should be your last option.

Regulation Status

Crypto Cloud Mine is accepting investors from all over the globe. Unfortunately, they are breaking multiple laws when they are doing this. Several governments are protecting their clients against scammers. We always recommend that you deal with organizations that are regulated by reputable financial bodies.

The FCA, CySEC, NFA, and ASIC are some of the best financial watchdogs. They ensure that investment companies offer fund safety to traders. Moreover, you stand a chance of being compensated once this venture exits the market.

Crypto Cloud Mine Clients Feedback

Crypto Cloud Mine is a platform that has mixed reactions from its clients. There are those that believe this is the best company in the industry. However, there are also investors who accuse the venture of being a scam.

Investors state that the entity is paying people to leave positive remarks on TrustPilot. If you write a negative review the company will contact requesting you to delete it for them to issue a refund. The platform is allegedly not processing withdrawal requests.

Clients claim that they have experienced unprofessional services. Crypto Cloud Mine will only pay you at the initial stages. They are warning investors who might be tempted in joining this firm to stay away.

One customer proclaims that he bought a contract of 2 years. The investment process was favorable at first and the firm paid daily. However, as time went by withdrawal was not being done. If you contact the support they will copy-paste a response giving all sorts of excuses.

Crypto Cloud Mine online support will claim that the electricity charges are high. Investors who constantly keep raising issues are banned from the platform. Clients’ portfolio reflects very high maintenance costs that are unfavorable.

Investors who deposited an amount of $2500 are only getting $700. The platform is not responding to negative reviews. However, those who endorse them receive a response. The negative testimonials surpass the positive and clients are not pleased.

Final Verdict

Crypto Cloud Mine is a venture that is not involved in mining activities. They are targeting investors from the UK. Unfortunately, there are claims that this entity is not paying. Additionally, this is an offshore platform that investors need to be careful with. They lack transparency as the team information is not clearly presented.

Invest with the best crypto mining companies that are reputable. These platforms are licensed by the appropriate government. Moreover, you will not experience the unprofessional support team. Your query will be handled in time.

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