CryptoExTrade Review: An Unscrupulous Crypto Trader

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CryptoExTrade Review
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CryptoExTrade is an unlicensed crypto trading company that is operating on its own accord. The company is only interested in investor’s deposits and does not deliver on its promises. Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market to get a chance of earning returns.

CryptoExTrade claims that it is a cryptocurrency and Forex trading venture. One of the reasons the broker brag to be the best is that it is regulated. Sadly, this is another lie that the company showcase. The trading conditions of this firm are also too good to be real.

Additionally, despite being an illegal scheme this entity claims that it segregates the funds of investors. Kindly, note that once you deposit funds with this entity you risk losing all your money. There won’t be a way of recovering it back.

CryptoExTrade has multiple trading accounts. Moreover, they claim to have over 70 tradable assets. The leverage which this firm offers is that of 1:100. Investors can also open a demo account in which they can familiarize themselves with the trading activities.

Unfortunately, the information provided by this company is insufficient. The chances of trading activities taking place in this firm are very minimal. We do not recommend investors use brokers that are not reputable. It is important that you research to find the best venture.

CryptoExTrade provides inadequate information regarding their operation. Their website is also lurking. The platform is shady and there is nothing that investors can do once this platform exit the market. Offshore investment firms are very dangerous. Review

CryptoExTrade has trapped several traders with their false claims of being regulated. The diverse venture lacks transparency and does not credit its team for their wonderful work. It could only mean that there are no expert financial managers or teams involved.

The weekly plan of this platform is ridiculous. Moreover, they promise investors quick riches which is a common ploy for scammers. Learn to distinguish a Ponzi scheme from a legit venture it will save you from losing funds.

CryptoExTrade Review, CryptoExTrade Company

CryptoExTrade does not appear to be a financial investment firm. The entity is a dirty scheme that has no trading history. They are targetting investors with little to no knowledge of the industry. The people operating this company have no intention of making anyone rich.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that are transparent and reliable. Your funds will be secure in this firm and there is nothing to worry about. Additionally, these platforms are licensed by the appropriate authority. They present legal documents to the public.

CryptoExTrade claims to be trading cryptocurrencies yet their average win rate is not known. Moreover, we do not know the currencies that this firm is trading. Traders need to know what they are signing up for. Avoid jumping to every platform that tags itself as the best.

Withdrawal and Deposits

CryptoExTrade is accepting funds via Neteller, MasterCard, Skrill, and Visa. This being a scam entity they might have shady payment methods that limit investors from issuing a chargeback. The minimum amount that you can invest is $500.

Unfortunately, the company does not disclose the trading platform that it avails. The venture states that it has the MT4 trading interface but there is no proof. The fraudulent firm has all the red flags that investors need to stay away from.

The benefits of MetaTrader are endless. The entity promise investors a spread of 1:2. You can find better investment platforms in the market that are reliable. You will be protected against making severe losses. Moreover, the initial capital accepted by this broker is way too huge.

Nonetheless, this entity does not feature information of the least amount that investors can cash out. We also do not know if there are additional fees involved. Ponzi schemes usually have hidden charges for their clients.

The shady entity is also offering bonuses to its customers. The funds belong to the entity and it would be best to read the terms and conditions to avoid any surprises during withdrawal. Additionally, this firm also leaves out information regarding account dormancy.

Regulation Status

CryptoExTrade states that it has a license from MFSA of the USA. Unfortunately, this is not the financial regulatory body of the country the NFA is the one that oversees whether an entity is operating legally. Therefore, this broker is only displaying false information.

Moreover, CryptoExTrade has been blacklisted by the regulatory body of the Maltese. Trading with such an entity will only expose you to more risks. You will not get your money back and your funds will be deposited into the scammer’s pockets.

Fraudsters have one intention which is to steal from many innocent investors as they can.  The entity has already been exposed by the authority therefore it will be unwise to still trust the broker.

The Malta government requires investment companies to deposit at least 730K EUR. Moreover, the venture should be able to compensate their clients with at least 20K EURO if they face insolvency.

Furthermore, a broker should also report their daily financial activities to this regulatory body. It helps in ensuring the fund safety of the traders is observed. CryptoExTrade has not met any of the above rules. Avoid them at all costs.

Contact Details

CryptoExTrade is a platform that allegedly targets investors from the EU. The entity is operating illegally and its real location is not disclosed. Scammers never reveal their identity to avoid being put behind bars. Often they also provide random addresses to appear as transparent firms.

The company requires investors to avail their personal details. However, they have nothing to can be used to shows who they are. Don’t you think the broker is asking for a lot? It is hard tracing the people behind this scam.

One day they will decide to exit the market and there is nothing that you will be able to do. You will lose your money. The most disheartening thing is that not even the authority can rescue you. Therefore, you must invest with transparent entities.

Is CryptoExTrade Profitable?

The trading platform is not profitable and does not have the intention of helping investors. They are operating on their own accord and the best thing that you can do is to look for a better alternative. Investors who deposit their hard-earned funds in this firm will suffer greatly.

CryptoExTrade does not perform cryptocurrency trading or forex activities. The information on their platform is also wanting. There are several investment companies in the market. However, most of them are not legit.

You need to ensure that you research carefully to identify the legit company. Scammers are tactical and unlike this broker that has insufficient info other has an enticing sales pitch. Trade wisely and avoid being lured with their lucrative offers.

CryptoExTrade is an anonymous entity that uses a fake office address. No corporate is responsible for managing the activities of this company. Furthermore, these scammers are determined to remain unknown. You will suffer greater losses if you blindly settle for offshore firms.

Find a legit financial investment company as the market is flooded with fraudsters. There are trustworthy firms that will assist you in realizing your financial objectives.

Final Verdict

CryptoExTrade is a Ponzi scheme that is not worth your time. The platform is not performing any investment services. They are blacklisted by the financial watchdog of Malta. They are also operating in an offshore area.

Invest only with the best crypto trading companies that are reputable. Your safety should be your main goal. Avoid brokers that are not offering high-quality services. Professional brokers have the best customer support services for their clients.

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