Review: Infamous Crypto Trading Scam

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Summary is a company was registered in October 2020. However, this entity is lying that it has been around for years. A company that is capable of faking such minor details is can’t be trusted with the major details. is a company that claims it is a serious venture determined to help investors achieve their goals. They state that clients will be able to trade with confidence after joining their entity.

The company has a funny name and there are no trading activities taking place in this venture. The venture state that it has over 200 tradable assets in the market. You can invest in futures, forex, metals, indices, and commodities.

Moreover, allegedly has the best spread in the industry. The information that is available on their website is generic and does not create confidence with traders. They are talking about forex trading and its importance. Review, Company

The entity should be showing investors the importance of venturing with their platform. Unfortunately, this is not a transparent company. Investors need to know what they are signing up for and the people handling their finance.

Sadly, this is asking for too much from because it is a fraudulent firm. Traders who want to test the waters with this company will suffer huge losses. The best thing that you can do is to trade with genuine brokers that have been in the market for years. Review

The platform claim that it has been in the industry since 1994. It markets itself as the best fund hedging company that serve individuals investors and corporates. The entity state that it has years of experience and attained a turnover of $165 Billion in 2016. is a fraudulent company that is not worth investing in. The broker is full of deceit and every time we analyze their market we see red flags. The company is targeting novice traders who will trade with any broker as long as their marketing strategy is great.

The broker does not have a trading history. The statistics which it shows are not correct. If you settle with them based on this analysis you will be counting losses at the end of the day. Investment is all about facts and not speculations.

Therefore, make sure that you research thoroughly roughly before depositing money in any entity. It will save you a lot of trouble. is a company that has no intention of helping investors.

Invest with some of the best crypto trading companies that have multiple assets to trade. Additionally, you will be able to earn reasonable real-time returns without any trouble. These platforms are regulated by reputable financial bodies in the market.

Trading Conditions is a company that is using bonuses to attract investors. There are conditions that apply to these lucrative offers. You can only cash out your earnings after attaining all the requirements. Scam Review, Features

The platform state that it offers an MT4 and a web-based interface. The entity also claims that it provides individuals with forex training programs. The company is not worth investors’ trust you might think that their trading conditions are the best but this is a dirty scheme. claims their trading tools are designed by the best programmers in the market. The entity has trading software that speeds and makes trading efficient. The firm has several forex trading accounts. They vary and have several benefits. Moreover, the venture also has shared accounts. The venture has 7 investment accounts that you can select.

Withdrawal and Deposits

DigitalCurrencyMarket is allegedly accepting funds via MasterCard, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, Visa, PosterPay, and Maestro. The minimum amount that you can cash out is $50. There is a hefty charge of $30 for every withdrawal request.  You need to wait for 2 to 5 business days to be able to cash out. Customer Support is an entity that investors can reach by filling up a contact form. The entity does not any other method that investors can use. Additionally, the broker does not feature their office address.

The platform is operating on its own accord. The main reason investment entities operate in anonymity is to avoid being traced. The broker will exit the market and never come back. Clients cannot reach them since they will ignore your messages.

It makes their work easier since you cannot call them or email them. Legit brokers will never risk their PR in such a shady manner. Transparent entities will avail several methods that investors can use. Clients are also treated professionally.

Every form of business puts the needs of its customers first. They strive to ensure you enjoy their services. However, scammers on the other hand only care about themselves. will not be around for long the entity is doomed to fail. Regulation Status

The Company is unregulated and it is an offshore broker that will not offer their clients fund safety. The entity state that it is registered by the Commonwealth of Dominica. The way that this company is operating is a clear indicator that it is only looking after its own needs.

Their trading conditions are shady and we recommend that you look for a reliable entity. You need to generate reasonable returns. If you trust a reputable and licensed entity you will never regret the outcome.

Clients Feedback is a platform that has already received multiple negative reviews from its clients. Investors purport that the firm is operating from the Caribbean or Virgin Island. They are warning other investors to stay away from the entity at all costs.

The company will steal all your money and act as nothing happened. The people managing these entities are very convincing. They call potential clients with all sorts of promises. The moment you ask for your funds these scammers will ask you to deposit more funds. is only accepting money via crypto. Therefore, the broker limits investors from issuing a chargeback. The firm is a dubious venture that should be avoided. Take the waning of other people seriously.

There are better investment ventures in the market than this scam. Traders are not satisfied with this entity. The red flags with the platform are a clear indicator that they are not worth your time. Look for a platform that has a great reputation from its clients.

The Domain Insight is a company was registered in October 2020. However, this entity is lying that it has been around for years. A company that is capable of faking such minor details is can’t be trusted with the major details.

The people that are behind this venture remain anonymous. The location of the firm is also not known. They have a low alexa ranking that shows not many people are interested in the services of this entity. Stay away to avoid facing more problems with them.

Final Verdict is a company that is not licensed. The location of this platform is not known. We are still in the dark regarding the benefits that come with investing with them. The broker is only looking after its own greedy needs.

Moreover, the firm does not have a trading history or a customer support team that can help traders when they face a problem. Investing with them exposes you to several risks. The entity also has several negative reviews which is a sign that they are fraudulent.

Invest with the crypto trading companies that have been trading for years. You will sleep soundly knowing that your money is in safe hands. Moreover, these platforms are regulated by the government and you have the assurance that they will be in the industry.

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