Expertfxbitmining Review: Another Crypto FCA-Blacklisted Platform

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Expertfxbitmining Review
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After receiving several complaints from members, we had to investigate Expertfxbitmining. The platform promises large profit margins and delivers none. Expert FX Bitmining is blocking all withdrawal attempts.

Expertfxbitmining is another Crypto investment scam targeting naïve investors. We will be exposing the platform’s inadequacy for all to see. Those who have invested with Expert FX Bit Mining are already ruing the decision. Unfortunately, we have a store that will likely take you for a ride. You need to stay away from or risk losing everything. Here’s more in our detailed EXPERTFXBITMINING REVIEW.

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Expertfxbitmining Review: Pros and Cons

About Expertfxbitmining

According to the about us page, Expertfxbitmining claims a bitcoin-based platform. However, the website’s UI is not in line with the crypto world from what we can see. What we have is a classic re-sale of a website.

Most of the assets mentioned include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Of course, any platform will want to associate itself with leading coins. The question is whether the platform is legit or not.

In most cases, such platforms often have similar features. You get a platform that promises quick returns in a short time. The platform will also quote a guaranteed profit margin members earn daily.

What investors fail to learn is that these platforms usually block withdrawals. Your first time attempting to withdraw funds will be a huge problem. The platform fails to prove that members do withdraw from their investment.

We have a platform that will use every trick in the book to try and swindle funds from investors. That’s why we recommend that you do some due diligence before signing up. Try and find out what others are saying about a platform before committing funds.

Acceptable Funding methods

To ensure everyone can gain access, the platform avails relatable depository channels. You can straightaway make deposits using bank and wire transfers. Crypto deposits are acceptable, which the platform prefers.

After depositing, the balance will reflect in your trading account within 24 hours. Since the owners control the dashboard, the profit balance will increase. It gives members false hope that their investment is working.

When the time comes to withdraw funds, that’s when the platform reveals its true intentions. The platform will block all attempts to withdraw funds. Any attempt to contact support will hit a wall. That’s what every investor is going through with the platform.

The next set of the play is to receive an email from a law firm claiming the culprits are in custody. You have to make payment for legal services, and compensation will be complete. These scam artists also work for the platform; please stay away.

Hiring recovery agents won’t help your cause. These agents don’t have relevant information on who owns these accounts. You will be chasing a ghost as most scam artists hide funds in offshore bank accounts.

Accounts Expertfxbitmining

Expertfxbitmining offers five account types for investors to use. These include Starter, Platinum, Bronze, Gold, and Diamond. Each of these accounts comes with a guaranteed profit margin. You get a promise of making daily profit consistently for several days running.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;

Accounts Expertfxbitmining


For the starter account holder, there’s a minimum deposit threshold of $300 to $1,499. The account guarantees 2.5 percent daily profit. Some of the features include daily analytical market updates and reliable customer support.


With the platinum account, you get double the ROI, and members promise 5 percent daily ROI. Notable account features include one-month free trading signals and entitlement to webinars. However, you have to make a minimum deposit of $1,500 to $4 499.


This tier has a minimum acceptable deposit of $4,500 to $9,999. In addition, members get a promise of making a daily ROI of 7 percent. Other notable account features include promotional emails and free trading signals.


To get started with the gold account, you must deposit $10,000 to $14,999. There’s a guaranteed ROI of 10 percent. In addition, you get three months of free trading signals and immediate customer support.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $15,000 to $100,000. The platform targets institutional investors with this tier. There’s a guaranteed daily ROI of 15 percent, the highest so far.

Account Features

You have to ask yourself how the platform guarantees such high ROI margins. No expert or robot can manage to make such high-profit ratios accurately. Even those that use artificial intelligence will make some losses.

There’s also the question of the vesting period. It looks more of a get-quick-rich scheme than an investment scheme. When investing in Crypto, the vesting period is four to eight months. Any platform claiming to help your profit rise within a lesser period takes you for a ride.

The platform fails to mention available leverage and spreads when it comes to their trading aspect. You also don’t know the available trading instruments. And this is why we must strive to expose the platform.

There are also no free trading signals. How can there be when the platform has no trading information? These are some of the red flags most investors will fail to spot. We are here to leave no stone unturned.

Affiliate program

There’s also an affiliate program that promises a 10 percent commission. As an affiliate, you earn passive income by referring users to specific platforms. Before jumping in, ensure the platform is legit and safe for users.

We have reason to believe the platform fails to release commissions for its affiliates. As a result, you end up losing your commissions. The platform will also take advantage of your connections. And this is when you lose your online credibility and reputation.

These victims will blame you for referring them to a faulty website. If the case goes to court, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to the reputation of an affiliate network.

Are funds safe with

Business holder

You will notice the platform has a UK phone number and a US address. That’s one way of pointing to a platform that targets these two countries. We suspect the platform is an offshore-led initiative to target UK and US investors.

There’s no business registry of the platform in any of these two countries. We also don’t have the names of people running the platform. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous crypto investment platform.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity as best as possible. There’s no way of recovering funds from such a platform. Furthermore, we don’t have the names of the CEO or Founding members, which should raise flags. Please stay away from unknown crypto investment platforms.

Contact and support

Despite claiming to offer fast support, you only get written form. Members can only email the support and hope for a quick response. The phone number listed on the page rarely goes through. It’s not the same phone number the platform will attempt to call you when planning to invest. License and Registration faces a warning from the Financial Conduct Authority. There’s no way you can earn profit with such a platform. Investors should take serious notice from such a reputable regulator.

FCA Warning Expertfxbitmining

Final Verdict

After exposing the red flags, we recommend that you stay away from

Go for reliable crypto trading bots backed by experts and the entire crypto community.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment or write to us with any pointers.

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