Invest Green LTD Review: a Bogus Crypto Mining Company

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Invest Green LTD Review
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Invest Green LTD can exit the market or claim to be attacked, losing all your savings. The traders will not receive compensation. The trading and mining conditions of this venture can change at any time to suit the need of the scammers.

Invest Green LTD is a company that could do better than displaying its shadiness openly. The platform is an outrageous fraud that is a waste of cyberspace. The moment you deposit funds in their venture, you immediately lose access.

The first thing to note is that this is an offshore broker. Therefore, nobody knows its actual location. Once this venture steals, your money there is nowhere to run to, and you will suffer severe losses.

Instead of leaving a deficiency figure in your account, you can try out these legit crypto trading companies. They have a trading history, and the income to generate from them is convenient. The platforms are licensed and operate legally.

Invest Green LTD Review, Invest Green LTD Company

Invest Green LTD will eventually exit the market. The traders who will have lost funds to this venture cannot complain to anyone. The governments have constantly warned investors against investing with unregulated companies. They leave no trace behind, and it becomes hard trusting them with funds.

The platform claims it is involved in mining. However, there is no evidence of the activity occurring on their website. They only deal with BTC assets. The firm is a nasty scheme that you need to stay away from at all costs. Check out these transparent digital currency mining ventures. Review

The company states that it helps investors make the best decision of their investment. Invest Green LTD also claims to have been in the industry since August 2018. Sadly, a quick search in indicates that the firm made its first digital footprint in July 2019.

The broker is lying about small details like this one making us suspect their whole operation. The reason that the investment firm avails false information is to gain investors’ trust by appearing as reputable. You end up thinking that the venture has been in the market all along.

Additionally, Invest Green LTD does not mention existence using a different name. The amount of deposit and withdrawal also is very high and suggests that the company is manipulating the data. The platform allegedly has one goal that is to assist investors.

The platform claims it has a unique platform for digital currency investment. It utilizes technology to generate high payouts. The firm also states it has several assets. They make use of their professional team to attain success.

The entity customizes investment plans to best suit the needs of traders. They guarantee nothing but profits. Furthermore, despite this firm being shady, it brags that it is verified and certified. This is a ploy to make investors deposit funds with them.

How Does Invest Green LTD Operate

The company claims that it is trading and mining digital currencies. However, the entity fails to shed light on its mining activities. The hardware that they are using is undisclosed. Moreover, the mining costs distribution to the clients is also hidden.

Invest Green LTD lacks transparency. The mechanism that the firm applies to generate high returns is unknown. Therefore, we cannot fathom how it is possible to earn such an amount of returns. The entity is also accessible to investors across the world.

They do not give us reason to trust them. The company can decide to leave the industry at will without notice. The people that are responsible for this firm are discreet. Why are they operating anonymously if there is nothing to hide?

The company features a video explaining what BTC is and the benefits. However, the venture could have used the space to explain what makes them stand out from their competitors. This could be because of their fraudulent activities.

Invest Green LTD Investment Plans and Returns

The company features a video that has four investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $30 up to $5000. The features of their basic account are 20% returns for 2 days. The support is available around the clock and enhanced security.

Sadly, we don’t know the mining power of this firm. The silver plan offers a 45% ROI for 4 days. The golden plan also has a ridiculous offer that is 70% for 10 days. Finally, yet importantly, the Platinum account will leave your mouth wide open. Review, Investment Plans

It promises to generate 100% profit daily for 90 days. If you don’t want to lose funds, then stay away from Invest Green LTD. The only thing you will get from them is a bad outcome. The referral bonus is also unrealistic and too good to be true.

The platform urges investors to invite friends, community members, and family. The only thing that you have to do is share your referral link. Once someone signs up, you receive 5% returns. The venture’s main and only objective is to scam innocent people.

Regulation and Registration

The company is quite shady. The venture is not in the database of financial bodies in the world. They do not care about complying with the law. The broker is carrying on with its activities ignorantly. Your personal data is not secure in this firm.

Invest Green LTD can exit the market or claim to be attacked, losing all your savings. The traders will not receive compensation. The trading and mining conditions of this venture can change at any time to suit the need of the scammers.

Ensure that you do not engage with a shady firm. The governments put up rules to protect investors against fraudsters. The market has many scammers who want to exploit innocent people. You should stay away from them and find licensed platforms.

Moreover, the firm is only accepting money via BTC. The funds will go straight to the con artist’s wallet. The Bitcoin payment cannot be traced. Additionally, you will not know the person that receives the cash. Avoid this scheme to avoid suffering severe risks.

Invest Green LTD Customer Support

Invest Green LTD customer support allegedly operates 24/7. They guarantee professional and friendly engagement with their customers. The office address of this venture is Vulkanstrasse 106 CH-8010 Zurich, Switzerland. The support is available via WhatsApp.

You cannot call them off this platform because they use a VPN to hide their location. The broker is definitely not based in Switzerland. FINMA has already issued a warning to them. You can expect unprofessional treatment from the firm.

The support will not respond once they receive a handsome amount from traders. They can easily blacklist you from their website. Why not find a reliable investment firm that has transparent and reliable support.

The Domain Insight is a firm that has been in the market since July 2019. This is enough time for them to have attained client feedback. The broker is a nasty scheme that will leave you high and dry. The domain name shall expire in July 2021. The platform does not conduct mining activities and you should not give them the benefit of doubt.

The Final Verdict

Invest Green LTD is not a transparent investment company. They are looking for an opportunity to exploit investors. The activities, which this platform is involved, cannot generate such high income as the Ponzi scheme projects. Therefore, the best alternative is to avoid trading with this venture.

You can invest with the legit crypto mining companies that have the best services in the industry. These ventures have been in operation for years and have established themselves. Moreover, you can check out their history.

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