King Finance Review: Kingfinance.tradea a WaterMine Clone Scam

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King Finance Review
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King Finance is accepting investors from all over the world. The company does not give a hoot about the law. They are violating several. Additionally, there is no fund safety from this entity. Once the pyramid scheme exits the industry, you won’t receive compensation.

King Finance is a mysterious investment company. The firm conducts its business however it pleases. It is still unknown the con artists that are behind the venture. This is not about to change any time soon. The fraudsters wouldn’t risk facing jail terms by revealing their identity.

The company is a dirty fraudulent venture that claims to be mining and trading cryptos. The firm is using a perfect narrative to steal from innocent people. However, the model that the firm is using to generate high revenue is unknown.

Unfortunately, we do not know the location of King Finance mining farms. It is because there are no investment activities taking place. You can get a better crypto mining company. They have running rigs and prove of investment activities. Review

Currently, their website is down, but the entity assures clients they will be back to business shortly. Let assume they are taking a commercial break. You will wait a long time before hearing from them.

We always advise investors not to share personal details with the suspicious platform. For instance, the former clients of King Finance will still get calls from the Ponzi scheme once it emerges using a new domain name.

King Finance  Review, Company

Even worst, dealing with scammers exposes your data to more risks. The con artists can mercilessly sell the information to a third party. Identity theft is a serious crime. You think twice before investing in such a scheme.

This Watermine clone scam is not worth your time. The people that we’re managing this Ponzi scheme have revived their website. They were too naïve to change their previous sales pitch to make us discover them easily.

If King Finance wants to help the poor, they wouldn’t need to ask for money. Moreover, in this modern world, do you think any investment firm would offer high returns for only $10. Investing with this scheme only helps them meet their goal, enriching themselves with hard-earned funds from their clients.

Invest with legit crypto mining companies that are transparent. These entities clearly outline the mining fees they expect investors to pay. Additionally, they do not make ridiculous promises. You need to have patient to grow your account.

Investment Plans and Returns

The Ponzi scheme promise traders daily return ranging from 2% to 2.6%. Mining activities are not a walk at the park. The platform is not going to make you rich. The legit crypto mining ventures in the industry never offer anything close to the figures King Finance advertises.

The entity is only trying to lure in more victims. Please do not give them a chance to defraud you. They have four investment accounts. Their low package will cost you $10 up to $99. You will receive a daily ROI of 2% for 3 months.

The moderate account accepts funds ranging from $100-$999. They promise a return of 2.2%. Scrypt provides a profit of 2.4%. Their mega plan is the Equihash contract that promises a daily return of 2.6% three months straight.

There is also a four-tier fat commission that awaits investors. It is as follows 8%-6%-4%-2% by accepting their terms. We should be able to spot many successful investors. However, since this is a fraud, nobody has or will earn by investing in their system.

Contact Details and Customer support

The whereabouts of King Finance are unknown. The dirty investment scheme does not leave any tangible information that sheds light on whom they are. The only way of contacting support is via email. It is an ideal way of ignoring messages and not interacting with the clients.

The investment venture is accused of not responding to customers. The entity will steal your data and sell it to criminals. Moreover, the country of origin of the venture remains a great mystery. The venture lacks transparency.

King Finance Regulation and Registration

Cryptocurrencies are assets that the government does not control. You can transact funds instantaneously, unlike with fiat currency. However, the governments are doing their level best to ensure investors are protected against dealing with fraudsters.

Therefore, any investment company offering products or services to members of the public ought to have a license. King Finance is accepting investors from all over the world. The company does not give a hoot about the law.

They are violating several. Additionally, there is no fund safety from this entity. Once the pyramid scheme exits the industry, you won’t receive compensation. Furthermore, the venture that is linked to this fraud collapsed months ago, leaving many investors devastated.

King Finance customers will suffer the same fate. Avoid the empty promises of these cons. The terms and conditions of the entity are useless and won’t save you from the jaws of these fraudsters.

King Finance Withdrawal and Deposits

The company is accepting funds via BTC and other cryptos. Therefore, you will not be able to know the wallet holder that receives your money. Investing in this scam puts you at high risk. You cannot conduct a chargeback for digital currency.

King Finance scammers are tactical. The entity is not worth your time. It is best to find a legit investment company. The system is doomed to fail. Once the venture gathers enough amounts, it will leave the market unceremoniously without warning.

King Finance Customer Feedback

King Finance has undesirable feedback from their clients. They are warning investors against trading with the Ponzi scheme. Investing with the firm causes only losses. The scam is also charging a lot of fees to their customers even without them withdrawing funds.

Customer support is also lurking and never responds to clients’ queries. Additionally, the platform closes the account of investors without valid reasons. The experience that investors are getting is terrible.

Investors believe that the same people that were running Watermine are responsible for King Finance. The venture is asking customers to upgrade their plans to earn more. The Watermine entity left many traders and miners high and dry.

One client laments how the entity conned him $15,000. If the entity contacts, you report them to the authority. Some investors lost even more amount before the Ponzi scheme exited. The scam changing their name does not make them legit.

The Domain Insight is a new Ponzi scheme in town. The entity made its first digital appearance in April 2021. Their domain is registered for a period of 3 years. We highly doubt they will be in the market by then.

The platform has already started to acquire a negative rash from traders. They are anonymous and have done everything to ensure it remains discrete. The website is getting adequate traffic of 747,897. The majority of their clients are coming from Bangladesh.

Final Verdict

The company will only pay investors if there is money coming in from new investors. King Finance does run mining activities. Novice investors who enter the market without having the necessary skills are most likely to fall, victim.

The Ponzi scheme does not have mining power. Nonetheless, the venture proclaims that it uses cloud mining. They don’t disclose the mining hardware and software used to obtain the BTC. It is impossible to generate 60% to 78% monthly returns just by mining.

Avoid this pyramid scheme and invest with legit crypto mining ventures in the market. You will earn real time returns. The companies mine various tokens. They also have a history that they would risk destroying.

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