Titus Community Review: Titus.Community A Popular Crypto Scam

Titus Community
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Titus Community is not a conventional crypto scam because it offers many other services along with crypto schemes. Titus. Community mentions several features, but the emphasis is on the Titus Coin. It has managed to catch a lot of attention because the company is a popular name in many countries. Maxim Moneta is the CEO of this company. He claims that the company is an excellent community of experts, professionals, traders, and crypto experts. There is no official record of the current number of its members. Once you start looking at this Titus Community, you will realize that it is not what it is claiming to be. Hence, it is important to review this company in detail and conclude if it is a scam or a legit platform. So let’s start reviewing this company.

What is Titus Community?

Titus.Community describes the company as a global salesforce that is bringing modern solutions to the global trading system. The vision of the company is to make Titus Coin the world’s leading crypto-coin and use it in every type of platform. The company claims that users and traders can use the coin to make all types of payments. Moreover, it also supports international trading. However, there is no proof to support these claims.

Furthermore, the company claims to have a large community that is continually contributing to the success of the business. The company does not shy away from marketing its vision of replacing Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies with Titus Coin. However, it is very stupid of the founders and managers of Titus.Community to make such large claims because it is nowhere near the level of other popular crypto coins. It has not even fulfilled its promise of acting as a bridge between various currencies for the members of the community.

CEO of Titus Community

Maxim Moneta is leading the Titus Community. His profile states that he is from Ukraine and has been living in Sweden for five years. Even though the community does not disclose its location. It is possible that it is running from Sweden. However, some research about the company shows that it owns several shell companies in Europe.

Overall, the business has a complex business model. The community is operating under the Titus Sphere, and Titus Coin was launched by Titus.Community. All of these terms are used on the website, but it never really differentiates between these terms, which indicates that the company is only trying to impress users by seeming a legit platform.

Shady Shareholders

There are many other uncertainties associated with the ownership of Titus Community. It is essentially a networking model that aims to connect crypto merchants from all over the world and trade Titus Coin. Titus Invest Ltd owns 30% of the Titus.Community stocks. On the other hand, some stocks are managed by Titus Community Ltd. The usage of these different names is quite confusing. Titus Invest Ltd itself is owned by Maddox Business Services in London and VIP Coin Sparkassa Financial Union. However, these are shell companies that are based in different European countries.


The association between Titus Community and Fennas Finance is an interesting one, to say the least. The owner of Fennas Finance, Tor Andres, is a proven scammer who ran a Ponzi scheme in the form of his company as well as Towah Group. It is true that these companies are separate from Titus Community and does not have anything to do with it directly. However, since the owners of these scam companies are associated with the community, it is important to point them out.

It is a clear indication that Titus Community will also turn out to be a scam company in the near future. If you closely look at the business model, it is similar to any Ponzi scheme. Keep reading this review to get to know about the business structure and compensation plan of the company and make up your own mind about its legitimacy.

Products Line of Titus Community

Titus Community does not offer any products or services. The only way to become a part of the community is by buying its affiliate membership. You cannot participate in the compensation plan of the company without becoming a member of the company. It offers the following two packages:

  • Buy Ambassador JR Position for €200
  • Buy Ambassador Position for €1000

This seems like a very high price, especially for a platform like Titus.Community that has not been able to become much famous in the crypto industry. Both of these packages have different compensation plans. Obviously, the company promises more income to those members who buy Ambassador Position to convince the users to spend a significant amount of €1000.

The company is demanding a lot of money from the users even though it does not have a good reputation in the crypto industry. The community has been operating since 2016, so it is only logical to assume that it has managed to scam hundreds of people already. However, now that you are familiar with the shady nature of the company, you should not waste your money on it. Instead, use the modern crypto trading bots that allow you to trade according to your preferences. Moreover, crypto trading bots are efficient and much more reliable than suspicious crypto companies like Titus.Community.

Income Structure

Once the users buy an Ambassador or Ambassador Junior position from the Titus Community, they are promised:

  • 200 Titus Coins for the members of Ambassador JR scheme by investing €200
  • 1000 Titus Coins for the members of Ambassador JR scheme by investing €1000

Whenever affiliates recruit another member, they are given a commission as follows:

  • 15% commission for Level 1
  • 10% commission for Level 2

Moreover, the members can also take part in the Titus Ambassador Pool. The company promises up to 15% of the invested funds to the Titus Ambassador members.

Titus Community


Titus Community is clearly a scam that is promising many things to the member but does not have the capability or the resources to fulfill these claims. Trade Coin was launched by the community in 2017. Yet, it is still not tradeable. The fact that the company markets the Titus coin as better than Bitcoin makes matters worse because they are clearly lying about the entire business structure.

Moreover, the claims that Titus Coin can be used for instant national and international transactions are simply false. Titus Community would have entered the main crypto industry if it actually had the potential to succeed. Instead, it has been operating through the funds collected by affiliate memberships for almost three years.  There seems to be to the plan of the company to launch its Titus Network that would make the Titus coin usable.

In simple words, Titus.Community is acting as a Ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse. There are no legitimate traders or companies that will invest in this fraudulent community. The business model of Titus.Community is revolving around affiliate memberships, which shows its MLM and pyramid nature.

You should not invest in the Titus community because you will end losing your money when it collapses. Instead, it would be much better if you use the authentic crypto trading bots. You can easily trade different crypto coins through these bots with minimal risks. Moreover, these bots have good reputation in the market and you can expect to earn a lot of money by making smart trading choices. 

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