Trading-Cap Review: Another Unregulated Platform

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Trading-Cap Review
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Trading-Cap claims to be the best Crypto exchange with better fees. You will end up losing your funds after the platform hacks your wallet. Learn more in our endearing review

Trading-Cap is a ruthless crypto exchange and trading platform waiting to pounce on investors. The platform has already hit the headlines for hacking its users’ wallets. And this has led to the question of whether such exchanges should own member wallets. Hundreds of investors have lost their digital coins thanks to You need to know the red flags found on the platform. Learn more in our enlightening TRADING-CAP REVIEW.

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A Brief Overview of Trading-Cap

There’s no background or history of the platform, which makes us question their intent. But unfortunately, such features are what most investors won’t bother checking. And this is why we have to expose Trading-Cap for lying to investors.

Avoid Exchanging Crypto on Trading-Cap

On the homepage, the platform gives a barrage of features to members. These include claims of having insurance for deposits made. If this was the case, why haven’t the members seen any compensation from the hack?

These are false claims meant to drive investors to sign up with the platform. We have a platform whose interest is to have users trade on their platform. When numbers increase, so does the amount held in their wallet.

And this gives Trading Cap a reason to claim that their exchange got hacked. We don’t have any group that has come out claiming responsibility. With unregulated platforms, it’s hard to pinpoint the truth.

We can tell you that the platform creates irrational expectations from the word go. The commissions from trading are entirely unrealistic. Sadly, only a few members get to withdraw. These are the members who partner with the owners.

Despite claiming to offer fast and secure crypto services, it’s far from the truth. The platform claims to access over 50 cryptos, including leading altcoins. However, we know the Trading Cap will do anything to get users to sign up.

Experts recommend that you research an exchange first before signing up. It gives you an insight into what to expect in the future. Don’t fall for the crazy expectations, be realistic in your desired ROI.

An Anonymous Crypto Exchange Platform Trading-Cap

Trading Cap is reluctant to share its market cap and rely on reputable exchanges such as coin market cap. The platform also fails to give any information on the company or entity behind it. And this makes Trading-Cap an anonymous investment platform.

You need to stay away from anonymous investment platforms or risk losing everything. Such platforms rarely offer transparency. Those who have lost funds with the exchange can attest to the situation.

There’s no address, email, or phone number, making it a bit spooky. You would want an exchange that gives members a priority. Contacting staff members thereby becomes a daunting task for investors.

We find no reason why the platform would fail to share its contact information with the public. It’s for such reasons that we have to flag down the platform. We expect transparency in the crypto space, especially with crypto exchanges.

False Crypto Exchange Platform Trading-Cap

Most of today’s crypto exchanges are now operating under licenses from governments. And this gives the crypto space much-needed validity from regulators. A platform that tries to remain anonymous is a huge red flag.

It’s always a bad sign when a platform fails to offer its complete contact information. We don’t know any staff member that works for the platform. There are no social media profiles of the platform.

The platform tries to sell itself through subsidiaries who remain anonymous. You get to rid of bits and pieces on platforms such as Reddit and Telegram. That’s why we have to expose the unknown nature of Trading Cap.

Available Trading Currencies

Trading-Cap insists on having over 50 leading digital currencies. The platform also pairs some of these digital coins with leading currencies. So we get to see Bitcoin paired with USD. Judging by the price chart, there’s only one pair for all.

The platform only pairs USD with leading crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. There’s also the option of pairing these coins against each other. That said, the pricing alone sometimes makes it impossible for a buy-in.

What about the trading accounts available on the platform? The platform doesn’t limit the number of accounts an individual can open. And this means you can open multiple accounts.

Sadly, such a practice is unheard of with regulated crypto exchange platforms. You should only have one personal account and one institutional account. Failing to limit accounts brings a huge problem in the future.

The terms and conditions on these accounts indicate the platform’s urgency to get more users. And this creates a problem in that the platform can’t hold many users. It should have started small to cater to investors.

Client Testimony and reviews

Hundreds of clients are still ruing the decision to sign up with the exchange platform. No one told them that the exchange platform would soon slash their account balance. Others claim there’s no balance at all.

The platform insists that there was a hack, which we find hard to believe. Such platforms are not even on the radar of hackers. Instead, the platform decided to take a cut from the deposits of these investors.

Trading-Cap Hacks Member Wallets

Members also claim that the platform doesn’t offer information on trading. After trading, you need to have a trading sheet to see your trading activities. It’s not available on the platform, which raises many questions.

That’s why we insist that the platform is a major hassle for investors. You will likely lose funds with the platform. Please stay away from or risk losing your entire deposit. The platform is a hard sell for us.

You won’t see any positive comments on the web regarding the platform. Social media channels are silent regarding the exchange. You would expect the platform to have a buzz from the crypto community.

And this should be a pointer that the crypto space doesn’t take well the platform. As a newbie, you need to confirm that an exchange receives the thumbs up from the community. If not, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Contact and customer support

After signing up and funding your wallet, you receive a confirmation email. Unfortunately, that’s the last you will hear from the platform. There’s no live chat support to cater to members. You also don’t get to see a working phone number.

And this is an indicator that the exchange wants to remain anonymous. That’s why we have to expose some of these missing features. How else does the platform expect members to make contact? It makes no sense to leave out such crucial information.

Deposit Insurance and safety with Trading-Cap

Despite claiming that the exchange has you covered, that’s not the case. An exchange would have to deposit millions of dollars to an insurance company. We don’t see this happening as the platform has only a few members.

Without deposit insurance, fraudulent cases are prevalent on the platform. And this puts your crypto assets at risk. Once you lose them, there’s no one to help mitigate the losses. So it would be best if you stayed away from Trading Cap.

Funds are NOT SAFE with Trading Cap

Is trading-cap Licensed or Regulated?

Trading-Cap is not a licensed or regulated crypto exchange or trading platform.

Our verdict

After exposing all the red flags, we recommend that you stay away from the platform.

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