ActumCrypto Review: A Bogus Crypto Investment

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ActumCrypto Review
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ActumCrypto will only promise free dogecoin faucets to get you to invest in their platform. The packages promise returns after 30 days. If you fall for it, you end up losing your entire deposit.

A platform with a poor name, ActumCrypto, has already lost it when it comes to incentives. The platform claims to offer free Dogecoin every five minutes. To top it all, investors get a promise of guaranteed ROI of 30 and 50 percent within 30 days. All those who know about investing have already figured out the end game. Those that don’t have to know the truth about Actum Crypto. Please find out more by reading our detailed and vivid ACTUMCRYPTO Review.

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About ActumCrypto

ActumCrypto Review

ActumCrypto sells itself as a Faucet for free Cryptocurrencies. And this is a good way to market themselves as an innovative platform to get Crypto. As far as strategies go, the platform has done itself right.

Delivery is the biggest problem facing Actum Crypto as investors continue to make complaints. None of them has managed to see the fruits of investing with this platform. And this is why we must inform investors of what’s really going on.

Even the simple homepage does not give a clear picture of what to expect. We found two different designs on their homepage. The first is on the homepage, and the other is on the faucet options page.

Despite having an engaging homepage, it’s clear it lacks clear information on what they offer. Navigation is easy as there are not more than three pages to visit. You would expect more, especially with the growing crypto market trend.

Account registration and signing up

Signing up with the platform does not take time, and you only need to fill in a few places. The platform will need your address, contact, and full names. After that, you can agree with their terms and conditions to get started.

Once you get the account, you have to make an initial deposit. The platform fails to put a limit on the minimum and maximum amount to deposit. And this gives them the chance to trap all classes of investors.

When it comes to withdrawing, the platform will need to have documents as proof of identity. These documents include a copy of your ID, Bank statements, and credit card details. And this is one of the red flags to note.

Matt Branford, a Crypto-expert, warns of this type of behavior from investment websites. He claims the platform is out to harvest banking data from clients. There’s no telling what they will do with your information.

ActumCrypto License and Registration

Actum Crypto Features

ActumCrypto holds no legal document to offer any investment service. We don’t know where the platform resides, making regulation a problem. With an anonymous website, there’s no telling when they will shut it down.

The risks that come with unregulated platforms outweigh the expected ROIs. We won’t get involved with a platform that fails to inform users of their license status. Investors are investing in a platform that has no oversight.

With all the safety talk, investors are at a disadvantage without a regulator checking their presence. You are at the mercy of these unknown persons who might decide to block you immediately after you deposit funds.

Please stay away from unregulated investment platforms as they pose more danger. With your documents, Actum Crypto can easily use them to create a new persona. Or even link you to the platform by labeling you as the owner.

Affiliate and referral program

Once you refer a client to this platform, you earn 10 percent every time they deposit funds. It seems to be a sure way of earning a passive and stable income. If only the platform would release commissions to members, then it would be something worth looking into.

Signing up with their referral program also means losing credulity and your reputation. With the platform already blocking some members, you stand to lose everything. Victims will point at you for directing them to a scam.

It’s not worth losing your solid reputation over ActumCrypto. They obviously lie when it comes to offering free Dogecoin within such a short time. It’s a trick to get as many naïve investors to sign up as possible.

Dogecoin Faucets

ActumCrypto Dogecoin Faucets

Those who compare the platform to real Dogecoin are wrong. There’s no way this platform can offer free Dogecoin. It’s too valuable, and it doesn’t make sense. The case can be seen as offering free gold to investors every 5 minutes.

Offering free Crypto is their way of attracting investors. There’s a price to pay as they demand you to invest a certain amount. The platform sends private emails with demands of investing with the promise of getting free Dogecoin.

Domain and website background ( review)

The website is full of links directing users to games and online casinos. One link directs you to Fair Spin, a known online scam. The people behind this are also in league with other online scams.

As we publish this post, the platform is 152 days and running. With each day, the platform claims 50 Dogecoin are available for the take. The IP shows Indonesia as the residence, which tells a whole new story.

It seems the people behind this platform try to take advantage of naïve investors in Asia. Even the server they use hosts other known Crypto scam websites. Most of the websites under this server have low trust scores.

How the platform works

ActumCrypto works as a platform that gives free Dogecoin to those who invest with them. And this gives them the ability to trap anyone without Crypto knowledge. The platform will insist you deposit and wait as profits soar.

It all seems easy until the time to withdraw comes. The platform will rope you in by letting the account balance rise giving false hope. After the 30 day time lapses, it’s the last you see of your deposit.

The owner will start dodging your emails and completely ignore you. If you continue to send emails, they block your account.

Investment and plans ActumCrypto Online Reputation

There are two investment plans, each with a guaranteed profit margin and a contract of 30 days. These plans offer 30 percent and 50 percent ROI with each investment. There’s no depository amount set for each platform.

The platform fails to inform users of the features of this platform. Such as whether there can be withdrawals in between the 30 day period. Investors deposit without doing due diligence on the packages.

Safety of funds with ActumCrypto

Security of funds is out of the question from a platform that fails to offer investors a safety net. The platform should offer insurance cover for all deposits made by investors. That way, investors get the protection they need from bankruptcy or insolvency.

The way things are, no one is safe in the event any of the two scenarios occur.

Our Verdict

As more and more investors continue to pour their complaints, we have to protect our investors. Our last option is to blacklist this platform. Please stay away from their gifts.

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Feel free to leave a comment or drop an email, and we would be happy to respond.

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