Nwave-Group Review: A Russian Crypto Scam

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Nwave-Group Review
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Nwave-Group is bringing an unwanted wave to the Crypto investment world. The platform promises huge returns but their delivery is wanting. A few individuals get all the money while the rest of viable investors lose it all.

According to Nwave-Group, innovation brings the greatest dividends in Crypto investment. Although this may be true, it doesn’t apply to the platform. The Russian-built crypto investment platform has the potential to become great. Instead, they choose to make life difficult for investors with over the moon profit claims. The platform tries to get investors to sign up with insane ROI claims. And this is what we plan to expose on nwave-group.ltd. Here’s the NWAVE-GROUP Review and reasons to avoid it.

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About Nwave-Group

Nwave-Group Review

From the website design, we get why investors end up signing up with them. The platform’s aesthetics is nothing to complain about. With an engaging website, we see why investors would fall for their antics.

The platform has made it clear what they offer from the beginning. It seems they are banking on evolving trends for investments. Some of the trends include the Pandemic, the rollout of 5G, and social media regulation.

What most investors don’t see is the results of signing up with the platform. Doing due diligence will help you know the experience without losing funds. And what others have gone through in the hands of Nwave-Group is disturbing.

Despite looking great at face value, the platform is scrambling to stay afloat. Complaints have been coming in from all corners of Europe. The platform’s main victims come from Russia, which points to their target market.

Accounts and investment packages by Nwave-Group

Nwave-Group offers six investment packages for anyone interested in signing up. All of the packages come with the same feature, guaranteed profit margins. And this catches the eyes of naïve and unsuspecting investors.

Start Daily Package

The start daily package is the most basic account type on offer by Nwave Group. It offers a whopping 220% ROI in 80 days. The net profit is estimated to be 120 percent, with the minimum deposit set at $50 and $249 max.

Start Second Package

It also offers the same 80 day wait period with a guaranteed ROI of 236 percent. Net profit is set at 136 percent, and the minimum deposit is $50, with a maximum being $249.

Robotics Daily

With the robotics daily plan, members get a promise of 220 percent ROI in 60 days. The net profit is 120 percent, with the minimum deposit being $250 and a maximum of $2,999.

Robotics Fourth Package

232 percent is the ROI with the fourth robotics package with a contract period of 60 days. The minimum deposit is set at $250, and the maximum is $2,999.

Individual package

It offers a contract period of 50 days with a guaranteed ROI of 235 percent. The net profit is 135 percent, and the minimum deposit is $3,000, with a maximum of $6,999.

Partner Package

With 40 day contract, the partner package offers 240 percent with a net profit of 140 percent. The set minimum deposit is $7,000 and a maximum of $20,000.

Nwave-Group Accounts and packages

All these accounts are traps to lure all classes of investors. Beware of the empty promises N Wave Group makes to investors.

Affiliate and partnership programs

Once you recommend this platform to your family and friends, they promise a commission. Before convincing your friends to sign up, there are a few issues to note. As an affiliate representative, the platform claims to offer 3 to 15 percent commission.

There’s a referral program set at three levels of 3-2-1 percent. So far, we haven’t seen anyone receiving any commissions for referring clients. In fact, it’s the opposite, as most claim they don’t get to see their commissions.

Worse still, you will be seen as an accomplice to online fraud. Victims will point the finger at you for directing them to a scam.

Features of Nwave Group

Contact and support

On their contact page, there’s a Whatsapp number for their Chief account manager. We also see the UK number at the top of the contact page. Users can use these two channels or send an email.

Sending an email will make you wait for ages for a response. The two Whatsapp numbers are the only means of direct communication with the platform.

Domain records (nwave-group.ltd review)

As we publish this post, the website has been running for 134 days. It seems to share the same IP location as other cloud mining scam websites. The IP is in Isere, France, and the name of the registrant is redacted for privacy reasons.

Nwave-group.ltd went live on January 18, 2021. For all that time, the platform fails to have any positive comment. Even on their YouTube channel, we see 164 views with a single comment. They don’t have any meaningful online presence.

How the Nwave-Group Scam works

nwave-group.ltd Affiliate and Partnership

The scam all starts with the insane claim of making guaranteed ROI. With high-profit margins, the platform hopes to get as many investors to sign up. Those close to the people behind it are the ones who benefit the most.

With hundreds steaming in and hoping to get the lion’s share, the platform releases funds in parts. If you deposit $2,999, you will get your first deposit of $500 in your account. It helps give pretense the platform works.

When the time comes to withdraw, your account balance is swollen with funds. Withdrawing becomes a hurdle once you want to release funds. The platform will block access to your account and ignore your emails.

Nwave-Group License and Registration

From their contact and IP details, we had to check their compliance in these three regions. We couldn’t find the platform on any regulator’s platform. The platform does not exist even in Company Registers.

Without compliance, Nwave Group has no oversight, which is a huge problem for investors. You are at the mercy of them, and there’s no one to come to your rescue. Most members are facing the same situation and have no way of recovering funds.

Anonymity is another issue we have to point out. We don’t know the people behind this platform and their professional capacity. For all we know, these could be people trying to fund their own projects.

Payment options

The platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Perfect Money. Perfect money is available only because N Wave Group is an affiliate partner. The website makes money by directing users to Perfect Money.

There’s no reason to invest with the platform, as withdrawal is next to impossible. For all that time, no one has made any withdrawals. And this is what makes it a risky investment platform.

Safety of funds with Nwave-Group


The safety of funds is a major concern and leads us to doubt the platform’s credibility. There are no safety measures in place to protect the investor. All liability falls in the hands of investors, making it a risky option.

Other platforms offer a safety net to investors in the form of insurance cover for deposits made. N Wave Group fails to offer any insurance cover.

Our Verdict

As more and more investors come out complaining about Nwave Group, we have to blacklist them.

For now, we can only recommend platforms or tools we have tested. Try out leading crypto trading bots used by experts and the trading community.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email us.

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