Atrade International Review: a Doomed Broker

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Atrade International Review
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Atrade International is a good example of what a scam forex broker is. This dubious firm has tried its best to appear legit. However, there are too many red flags concerning it that they’re hardly believable.

Trading is a place where you can make quick money, but through a hard process. Many scammers have taken advantage of this truth to exploit people. Conveniently they fail to mention that while making money is easy in trading, the process is daunting.

Atrade International Review, Atrade International Broker

To make money in trading the right way, you must trade with licensed, honest, and transparent brokers. Failure to do so will result in dire consequences for your trading account and financial well-being in general.

This broker is a seasoned scammer. They have almost mastered the art of scamming people, so you must be on the lookout. Although they claim to be international, it is just a lie to give the impression that they are well-recognized.


On the website, the broker claims to reveal everything you need to know about the company. Ironically, however, they only reveal what is convenient for them and leave out the most important details. From the website, one expects to find all the necessary details, including the foundation of the company. However, this anonymous broker does not even provide credible information about its parent company.

On the Atrade International platform, you can purportedly trade Forex pairs, CFDs on cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, indices, and gold. This is promising, and if it were true, it would be very helpful. However, though the broker makes such claims, they are only enticing traders.

On, we learned that the broker had been online since February 2024. The claim that they are international is therefore absurd because the domain will expire in 2025. The broker is therefore only planning to operate briefly before exiting.

Founders and Team

Gaining credibility is easy when customers know the founders’ and executives’ backgrounds and credentials. It may reveal whether they possess the knowledge and skills required to run the brokerage successfully.

Disclosing personal information about important employees shows a dedication to openness, which is essential in the financial sector. Despite the importance of these details however, the broker has not revealed them. It is hence hard to establish the company’s transparency.

Atrade International Regulation Status

The broker claims to be regulated and that they give traders peace of mind. This is not true. The broker is not licensed or regulated anywhere. We could not find the name of the company in any of the major regulators. The firm’s website is completely anonymous. Without a physical address, it was also impossible to determine which financial watchdog could be overseeing their operations. Since the broker does not bother to disclose this information, it’s safe to assume that they don’t have any regulator.

It is vital to double-check a firm’s registration status even when they claim to be regulated. You must do a background check to make sure what they are saying is the truth. Many of the brokers are dishonest about their licensure and only say they are regulated to give the impression that they are legit but they are not.

Atrade International Trading Conditions

Atrade International doesn’t have advanced trading tools, indicators, or even mobile versions. The spread is 1 pip for EUR/USD and 1.2 pips for GBP/USD and USD/JPY. These are favorable conditions and many traders would be attracted to them. The leverage is at 1:500. This can be quite tempting but it is very dangerous. Many traders can be tempted to use this high leverage but they will lose their money in the process.

To withdraw, you have to pay a 20% fee on the amount, and the minimum withdrawal is $1,000. These conditions are unfavorable, to say the least. The broker has made it hard for traders with small accounts to trade.

Final Verdict

Atrade International is a good example of what a scam forex broker is. This dubious firm has tried its best to appear legit. However, there are too many red flags concerning it that they’re hardly believable.

There are, however, still many honest and transparent brokers in the market. Working with such is what will give you peace of mind. 

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