Bitample Review: Yes, is a Ponzi Scheme!

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Bitample Review
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Bitample, just like most scammers, will contact you continuously with good profits and attractive bonuses. Besides, all this is just an attempt to swindle your money once they get the opportunity by persuading you to deposit.

Bitample is an offshore broker that grants traders high investment yields. Moreover, your investment may be at risk considering multiple factors that we highlight in this unbiased review. We did thorough research, same as we do for positive reviews. 

Hence you might consider investing with these transparent Crypto companies that are Legit. To gain considerably within the market. Trading involves taking risks, and there is no such thing as constant returns. The market also has high volatility, and you should consider the risk measures to protect you from unwelcome losses.

Therefore also entering trades blindly or relying on the wrong information will lead to terrible returns. Bitample considers itself as the most profiting online trading platform and aims to transform online trading. Hence how they plan to change online trading is unknown; if they were the best, the traffic figure would be on their side.

Bitample Review, Bitample Company

Bitample claims to have distinct features that help in beating the market and earning suitable profits. The parts are essential, and nothing seems to make perfect sense within the company. The sales pitch is also poorly done and misses out on a lot of relevant data.

Consequently, they brag about being reliable and that many customers trust their services. They also guarantee you quick withdrawals, and they take up to 3days maximum. However, this is not always the case with shady forex brokers.

Bitample, just like most scammers, will contact you continuously with good profits and attractive bonuses. Besides, all this is just an attempt to swindle your money once they get the opportunity by persuading you to deposit.  Once you fall for the catch and deposit funds, you will have successfully made the goons richer.

Bitample Review

Bitample urges traders that the site is secure from hacks and customers’ funds and details are safe. Through Comodo SSL and that customer, info is never shared with a third party. Consequently, you would not risk trusting anonymous people to protect your funds or personal information because this is not the outcome.

Scammers are well known for the high standard of anonymity, which is evident in Bitample. They expose numerous red flags that should warn innocent traders to avoid any dealings with the company. Your personal information is at significant risk of falling into the hands of criminals who might cause you heavy losses.

Transparency is always what most experts investors look for in any trading company. Bitample seems to have a hidden agenda, and their primary interest is your money, and pop-ups appear luring you to deposit your funds from the very beginning.

Additionally, you may also trust people who might have no experience within the trade. Taking the wrong trade directions or will never benefit you, and show only get trade directions from qualified analysts.

They claim to be a registered company with verified certificates. However, there is no evidence to back up this information. Scammers will claim to follow every trade protocol without evidence to prove the company is trying to hide their murkiness.

The statistics section also shows the shadiness within the investment firm. The deposit and withdrawals are not reasonable neither do they add up. The platform is user-friendly and easy to maneuver, with three basic steps to start your way to profits. 

Investment Plan

Bitample customers can choose from up to 5 different investment plans; Beginner Plan minimum deposit is $100, and the maximum you can trade is $749. The projection on returns is 70%. Standard Plan Maximum investment amount is $2499 with 130% profit. Daily Plan generates 100% with a maximum deposit amount of $5000.

Advance Plan offers 270%, and the maximum you can invest is $4999. The last available plan maximum trade amount is $50000. All the plans feature 24/7 customer support with no variance at all besides the prices. Bitample does not explain the approach towards trades and the risk measures.

Funds Safety

Bitample. It does not provide any safety measures to show how customers’ funds are stored. The anonymous founders may be keeping money in their accounts. There is no evidence of any successful payments to investors. Scam Review, Features

They claim to be the best at offering forex and bitcoin services; thus, the traffic should be higher. Accordingly, they do not seem to feature any trade activities taking place. To determine a trading platform is active, you should see at least three months of past trade activities.

There is no banking information to show your funds are safe. Furthermore, Bitample does not feature a refund policy, and once your funds are gone, you cannot hold anyone accountable. Scammers will always try to hide their identity as they result in opening new sites and scam traders.


Working contact support is what most expert investors look for in any investment firm. However, you only get this type of support for a specific time for Ponzi schemes until you complete the deposit. The scammers will contact you with attractive offers and pleasing bonuses.

All this is just an attempt to swindle all your funds. Nevertheless, Bitample may no operate differently. They feature email support and telephone contact +1(347)9462878. There is no guarantee the contact will be fully operational. The company also has no location whereabouts address that is visible to traders. 

Bitample Regulation

Unregulated platforms barely last in the market for long. They go out of existence of they easily break the laws whenever they choose to. The competition in the trading world is also rapidly increasing, and scammers try to take advantage of the growth.

Therefore, different countries have set up legal measures to protect their citizens from scammers due to this. Hence Bitample is illegally generating funds from the public without the consent of the regulators. does not fall under the radar of any regulatory company, and this is a significant warning. The founders of the platform risk facing prosecutions for operating illegally and could be why the same information is hidden. 

The company may also cease to exist at any time with notice and with all your money. Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency, and you can count on them to generate gratifying results. The company claims to be registered and regulated, but all this statement has no verifiable proof.

Top Investors False Claims

The company features information on the top traders who have earned using their technique. They publish names without profiles. Therefore, it is impossible to verify whether these people are real. Nonetheless, the payout is high which is enough proof the data is manipulated. There is no screenshots or bank statements to verify the suspicious firm is paying.

Final Verdict

Bitample is a very dangerous scam that will lead to unwanted losses. The company founders and style of operation are not known. The company also fails terribly when it comes to transparency with most, if not all, legal data.

Furthermore, they try to seem legit by claiming to be registered and regulated, whereas this statement is entirely false. Legit brokers will always avail data on their regulation and whereabouts together with working contact support to earn your trust.

Investing involves taking risks, but with, you will be digging holes in your pocket. The only people who are likely to benefit are the anonymous founders. Therefore to save yourself from the losses bracket, you can wisely choose to invest with these legit transparent profit-oriented crypto brokers.

Bitample founders need to work on the platform as it resembles a childish platform than it is a trading platform. Meanwhile, avoid anything to do with the shady company at all costs.

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