Coin Top Harsh Review: Avoid this Worthless Coin

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Coin Top Harsh Review
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We do not recommend investors sharing their contact with the Ponzi scheme. They will disturb you with sales calls asking you to invest with them. The salespersons are trained con artists and very convincing. If you are not careful, you might end up giving them all your savings.

Coin Top Harsh is one of the crypto coins that you should avoid. The greatest mistake that you can make is to purchase a worthless coin. The scammers will urge you to buy as many tokens as you can with the promise of earning more when the price hike.

However, the majority of this digital currency collapse before meeting its milestones. The entity competes with popular coins like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and much more. Unfortunately, there is no befit that will come from buying this token.

Coin Top Harsh Review, Coin Top Harsh About

Coin Top Harsh does not stand a chance in the crypto world. The coin does not have a whitepaper. Therefore, we do not even know their roadmap. Additionally, we do not know the problem that this platform intends to solve.

The venture does not utilize blockchain technology. The people that are responsible for this venture have only one intention, which is to defraud traders. The venture allegedly is also dealing with crypto trading activities. This is not common with legit digital coins.

They brag that investors receive winning signals. Hence, the only outcome is making profits. The suspicious platform assures clients they have full control of their accounts. Unfortunately, you will regret entrusting your cryptos to this shady venture. Review

This broker claims to be offering trading services for investors to give them their coins. Even if investors do not buy their tokens, the platform will still exploit them. It claims to provide over 50 trading coins.

Coin Top Harsh has additionally had trading bots. Therefore, they can provide a competitive spread to investors. Sadly, the performances of this trading software are not availed. Hence, it is impossible to know if the bots are profitable.

We cannot rely on empty words. The venture needs to provide more evidence if they want to win over investors. Additionally, you usually find the team responsible for a coin published on their website. It helps in building trust with investors.

Unfortunately, in the case of Coin Top Harsh, the entity is discrete. The developers’ information, partners, and the aim of the digital currency are not availed. The founder is running the whole show behind closed doors. There is no point in trusting this murky business.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies. These trading bots have been in the industry for the longest time. Their history is validated, and investors trust in their trading conditions. The brokers are also reputable and genuine.

Coin Top Harsh Withdrawal and Deposit

The entity has four investment accounts. The least amount that you can cash in is R 3,000. They assure traders of instant trading; there is also a demo account. Crypto trading activities take place throughout the week, but this venture offers it for only 5 days.

Coin Top Harsh accepts money via cryptocurrency only. Therefore, investors will never be able to cash out their money or request a chargeback. Digital currencies observe anonymity, which is a feature that fraudsters misuse.

The platform does not care about the experience that you are going to get. They do not disclose if there are charges, which traders are paying. It is also unknown the minimum amount that customers can cash out.

Coin Top Harsh Regulation and Registration

Cryptocurrencies are fantastic assets that are decentralized. This means that nobody can control the coins, not even the government. Once you make a transaction using crypto, the process is speedy and fast. The features of digital coins have led to many people adopting blockchain technology.

However, some scammers exploit the cryptos. Fraudulent companies are being designed to scam coins being marketed. Coin Top Harsh did not even conduct an ICO. Their history is also questionable. The government cannot control cryptocurrencies.

It is impossible to regulate the coins and most. Therefore, we shall excuse the coin for not having a license for being a digital currency. However, this company is also operating as a trading venture. Various governments require an investment firm to acquire a regulatory document before collecting funds from citizens.

Therefore, Coin Top Harsh ought to decorate their website with multiple licensing documents. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The venture claims that it segregates the account of investors. You cannot rely on the word of a suspicious firm.

Additionally, the platform allegedly only deal with licensed brokers. However, the company fails to disclose the corporates they have ventures with, and we believe this is another false claim. The suspicious entity is unsafe to trade with.

You will be risking a lot by signing up on their platform. There are legit trading companies that you can trust. Additionally, there are reputable and genuine cryptocurrencies that have been in the industry. You can read their history to understand them better.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The broker claims it is based at 111 Aambeeld st, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, 1402. We cannot verify whether this is the actual location of this company. Moreover, investors can only contact the venture via email. The entity even features false testimonials to lure in more victims.

There is no phone number. The services that Coin Top Harsh is offering are delicate. Therefore, offering a sound customer support service is necessary. Unfortunately, this company does not see the need to put their clients first. Review, false testimonials

We do not recommend investors sharing their contact with the Ponzi scheme. They will disturb you with sales calls asking you to invest with them. The salespersons are trained con artists and very convincing. If you are not careful, you might end up giving them all your savings.

Sharing your personal information with Coin Top Harsh is also risky. They might be involved with identity theft. The criminals behind this Ponzi scheme ought to be caught and put before bars. Before then, avoid any engagement with this venture.

The Domain Insight

Coin Top Harsh claims it was started in January 2012. does not list this coin, yet legit coins are available on their platform. However, the coin allegedly has been around for years, which is another fat lie. Moreover, you are in for a rude shock if you check them on

The information shows that the company registration happened in October 2020. The domain shall expire in the same month, the year 2021. They do not project being in the industry for a long duration. A venture that is capable of displaying false data should be avoided.

Coin Top Harsh is not worth the benefit of the doubt. The coin will be dead within no time. Even if you purchase several currencies, they are worthless. You cannot exchange them with BTC or any other tokens. Furthermore, the website does not have much engagement.

Final Verdict

The red flags that we have discussed are enough to keep you away from this entity. The firm does not care about investors’ well-being. The developer, founder, software engineers, and financial analyst info is unavailable.

Coin Top Harsh lacks credibility. The entity brags it has multiple trading software. However, there is no evidence of investment activities taking place. The entity’s main purpose is to assist investors in exploiting the crypto market.

You should not give them access to your money. The company is another Ponzi scheme that will not survive long in the market. Instead of risking your safety with them, we recommend you trade with legit crypto trading robots.



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