CoinTrustLab Review: A Dangerous Crypto Scam

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CoinTrustLab Review
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CoinTrustLab has several negative reviews from its customers. The company is being accused of subjecting its customers to paying more. They ask you to deposit a huge amount of money. You should avoid falling for their fake promises

CoinTrustLab is a company that allegedly deals with cryptocurrency mining and other investment. They market themselves to be multinational schemes accepting investors from all over the world. Mining used to be one of the easiest ways of getting rich.

Currently, the cost of mining is very high, and many individuals cannot afford to set up a mining farm. Therefore, they end up joining mining platforms that have running rigs. This has also given birth to numerous scammers invading the market. Review, Company

They target newbies since they are the ones with inadequate knowledge of the market. CoinTrustLab is a venture that is unworthy of investors’ trust. The entity claims to be mining crypto, yet they do not care to disclose sufficient data of their services.

It is easy to create a website and fill it with fluff content. You cannot generate a daily ROI of 3% to 5%. Please stay away from this fraud, as their sole intention is to defraud investors. They have three useless investment plans.

Legit crypto mining investment companies will have mining contracts indicating the minimum amount that investors should deposit. You can also view the fees that you have to pay. Mining farms consume huge electricity power. The hardware and software machine must also be of high quality. Review

CoinTrustLab has an affiliate program. It has a fat bonus of 11%. This leaves us suspecting that this is the only source of income of the platform. The entity only accepts funds via BTC payment.

Even though cryptocurrency investment is volatile and risky, the scheme guarantees investors that their technique is free of risk. You can deposit a minimum amount of $50. It might not seem like a lot of money. However, when numerous people believe the narrative of the fraudster, the con artist will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Entrusting your hard-earned money to these scammers facilitates their course of becoming rich. CoinTrustLab will defraud numerous investors. It would help if you did not refer people to this scheme. There is nothing genuine about this platform.

The entity is violating numerous rules set by the regulatory bodies. They do not care to disclose the individuals that are behind their business. Legit companies will credit their team by presenting them to the public. You will learn about their education qualification and get to interact with them.

A Ponzi scheme thrives in anonymity as they lack credibility. Invest with a transparent venture, and you will have peace of mind. Your main priority should be the safety of your data and funds. Once your information lands in the wrong hands, you will suffer the consequences.

Regulation and Registration

CoinTrustLab is a platform that does not have a license or a registration form. The venture allegedly originates from the UK, and they have offices in Hong Kong. Both countries have strict rules for investment entities.

The government wants to protect citizens against entrusting funds to con artists. The entity ought to have a license for them to be considered a legit firm. However, the Ponzi scheme does not give a hoot about their regulatory status.

They do not mention anything on the website. In our quest to expose the fraud, we found them not in the Financial Conduct Authority database. They are targetting the UK citizens without depositing 730K EUR in their name.

Hence, once the system of CoinTrustLab collapses, you will not be compensated. The broker doe not report its daily activities to the government. Therefore, the platform can manipulate trades. The scheme is also not guided by terms and conditions.

They can violate and even impose hidden charges on investors. It would be best if you were careful with a company that breaks the law. A time shall come when the firm decides to exit the market. They will not care about the consequences of their action.

CoinTrustLab Investment Plans

Every form of investment must associate risks. You cannot only be getting profits. The losses are part and parcel of trading and mining actives. The genuine investment schemes try their level best to minimize the risks.

CoinTrustLab assurance to investors to provide risk-free opportunities is another red flag. The company is not honest with its clients. Digital currencies are volatile. Once you check out the platform’s investment plans, you will realize its murkiness. Review, Plans


The Ponzi scheme advertises a monthly ROI of 90% to 150%. You would become rich within no time. If making money were this easy, their platform would flock with investors. They would be no reason for work which would lead to economic crises.

Every time you encounter a too good to be realistic investment company run for your safety. Do not even have second thoughts. Invest wisely and avoid Ponzi schemes like this one at all costs. There are numerous reliable entities in the market.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The company claims to have offices in the UK and Hong Kong. However, their exact office address is not provided. This validates that the platform only features this information for transparency purposes but cannot disclose its real geographical location.

CoinTrustLab does not have a communication channel for its customers. Why would you risk sharing your phone number, email address, and identity with them? The scheme can use the information you share against you.

The investment venture is unprofessional, and you should refrain from engaging with them. There are better ways that you can make money. A legit platform is always transparent to its customers. The domain name of the platform is still young. 

Moreover, the venture aims to exit the market easily. They are after defrauding traders. Their low traffic proves that investors are not interested in their services. If they contact you, report them to the authority.

Clients Feedback

CoinTrustLab has several negative reviews from its customers. The company is being accused of subjecting its customers to paying more. They ask you to deposit a huge amount of money. You should avoid falling for their fake promises.

The marketers of this venture are also working tirelessly to get naïve investors to sign up. They claim to have earned, but there is no proof. Before you deposit the fund, you should be able to see screenshots or proof of payment. Do not easily trust what people say.

Scammers usually pay a huge commission to those that help their dream come true. They also use adverts targetting people that are straggling financially. You will blindly believe them, resulting in high losses. The only way you can survive the bad ordeal of con artists is by researching and educating yourself.

Final Verdict

CoinTrustLab is not a safe investment platform. Their narrative to multiply the capital of their clients is a bluff. The company fails to provide adequate information showing how it can generate 3% to 5% daily ROI.

Their level of discreetness proves they are not genuine. Additionally, the location of this Ponzi scheme is an enigma that nobody can resolve. Their lack of transparency and providing false information is why we don’t recommend them to the public.

Check out some reputable cryptocurrency mining companies that are legit. These firms have been in the industry for years. They provide all the relevant information to traders. Therefore, you will make sober decisions to check out reviews from their customers on third-party websites.


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