Quantumsmining Review: Is it Worthy?

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Quantumsmining Review
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  • Fund safety


Quantumsmining has all the looks of a successful cloud mining company. Beneath it, it’s all a ploy to defraud investors of their hard-earned money. Only the people working behind the curtain benefit from it. There’s no investor who profits from investing with them.

Quantumsmining promises stability, profit, and above all else, success. Once we landed on their homepage, we were conflicted on what exactly they offer. Quantums Mining seems to be a cloud mining platform and crypto exchange. The homepage is not clear on what exactly they offer to investors. And this is a huge problem for investors as they sign up hoping to profit from the platform. The projected ROIs on the page is insane. Learn more in our clear QUANTUMSMINING Review.

Quantumsmining Review

The right way to invest is the safest way, and this means using proven and tested platforms. As investors ourselves, we rely solely on transparent platforms for cloud mining companies. These companies have over the years proven worthy and true to our cause. We recommend the companies due to their strong reputation and success rate. For those looking to earn realistic profit margins, these cloud mining companies are best to use.

Accounts and investment packages

Quantumsmining offers three packages to interested parties. All the packages come with Daily guaranteed ROIs.

Bronze Package

The first package offers 50 percent daily ROI for a period of 5 days. Members must make a minimum deposit of $100 and a maximum of $999.

Silver Package

With the silver package, investors get 60 percent ROI for a period of 14 days. $1,000 is the minimum deposit required to sign up with the account.

Golden package

It’s the most exclusive package on sale and offers a daily ROI of 70 percent for 21 days. The minimum acceptable deposit is $10,000 with no maximum set.

Although these plans on paper seem to be highly profitable, we have our doubts. Making daily guaranteed ROI of 50 percent is no mean feat. There’s a high chance these are made-up rates to drive up sign-ups.

We have seen it happen in more cases than one. Cloud mining platforms claim to make investors rich in a few days. If the platform were as profitable as they claim, we would all sign up with them. There’s a reason search engines rate the website low in terms of trust.

Are funds safe with Quantumsmining?

Straight away, we raise the red flag when it comes to the security of funds. The platform has no security measures in place to protect investors. Quantumsmining is putting your funds at risk, which is truly unprofessional.

Once you deposit funds with the platform, the people behind it transfer to a private account. There’s no segregation of accounts to protect users from bankruptcy or insolvency. The website even fails to safeguard itself from third-party attacks.

Another reason to doubt the safety of funds in their hands is compliance. With no compliance, it means there’s no oversight. All investors would feel comfortable knowing there’s a regulatory framework in place.

When push comes to shove, investors are at the barrel of these anonymous people. It’s not a place you would want to find yourself. With a shoddy track record, the safety of funds with Quantums Mining is out of the question.

Affiliate and referral commission

Quantums mining Referral Commission

There’s a 10 percent referral commission for investors who refer their friends to the platform. Representatives get a higher referral commission of 15 percent. What does it take to be a representative?

You have to deposit $2,000 with the platform to qualify as a representative. It means you have to pay to promote the platform. The whole process doesn’t seem fair when you read the terms and conditions.

Once you refer a person to the platform, you expect to see the commission reflected in your account. Sadly, it’s not the case, as no one has received any payout from the platform. It turns out Quantums Mining does not pay affiliates.

Business holder

Anonymity is a red flag in any investment platform; watch out for it. It’s the case with Quantumsmining as it’s full of anonymity. We don’t have a clue about the people behind the platform.

Investors are knowingly sending funds to an anonymous website. No one knows who holds the vault or who is to blame in the event of theft. It’s one of the many reasons why we avoid such could mining platforms.

Contact and support

Support in any website is crucial in helping avert miscommunication. The platform does a terrible job in offering any contact or support. What you get is a platform that fails to offer a direct link to management.

Members get a chat tool that only harvests data. Once they get your contact details, you start getting promotional emails. It’s their fault as they sell your personal information to affiliate marketers.

Domain background (quantumsmining.com review)

The website has been active for 419 days as we publish this post. Quantumsmining.com went live on April 3, 2020. The IP location suggests they reside in California. What we do know is the website shares the same server as other cloud mining scams.

Most search engines have a low trust score with the platform and warn of security breaches. The domain also doesn’t get a lot of traffic despite claiming to be successful. You would expect investors to want a piece of the pie.

How the Quantums mining scam works

The people behind it lure investors in with high-profit claims, in this case, guaranteed daily profit. Most investors want to double their money quickly with these schemes. Once you deposit funds, the process of scamming starts.

quantumsmining.com contact details

Members will see their funds reflect on the account. Within an hour or more, the account balance starts to increase. It gives members hope the platform is actually making strides with the investment.

When it comes to withdrawing funds, it’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform changes tune and starts ignoring withdrawal requests. At the end of it all, they might end up blocking members from accessing their accounts.

Most victims have seen their login credentials not work after complaining via support. It’s the final nail to the coffin as there’s no way of recovering funds. Hiring recovery agents won’t help as your funds are long gone.

Is Quantumsmining Licensed or Registered?

Quantumsmining is not a legal entity and does not have any cover to offer such incentives. Despite this, the platform tries to play ball with investors. The people behind it use the Company House UK logo on their license certificate to fool investors.

It’s all a play to fool investors with random numbers acting as Company registration. We did a spot check and found no such entity. Quantums Mining does not exist as a legal person, which makes it a problem for investors.

Without a valid license to operate, there’s no oversight putting investors at risk. Regulators won’t protect investors from the harsh reality. The platform will block all-access, and members won’t get any compensation.

Payment Options with Quantumsmining

Quantumsmining Payment Options

As it stands, the platform only accepts Bitcoin. Attempts to use FIAT failed due to the compliance issue. With FIAT, the platform had to sign a KYC agreement policy. No scam artist wants to offer insurance cover to their potential victims.

Withdrawing funds with the platform is impossible. We know no one with proof of withdrawing funds from Quantumsmining.

Our Thoughts on Quantums mining

Due to the compliance issue and insane profit margins claim, we have to blacklist the platform. It’s all a roost to put funds at risk when you sign up with Quantums Mining.

As investors, we can only point to cloud mining platforms we have tested. These platforms offer a more realistic way of profiting from cloud mining.

Kindly feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries. We would be happy to oblige.

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