ATC Coin Review: A Dangerous Crypto Scam

ATC Coin
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ATC Coin is one of the most dangerous, and yet popular scam crypto companies that people consider to be genuine platforms. A lot of reporting is done about it which has proven the fact that it is completely a fraudulent company. was registered on 1st March 2017. Without giving any specific name of the owner, the website claims to have partnerships with renowned names in the technology sector. Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Warren Buffet are some of the many such individuals who are mentioned on the website to have some kind of involvement with the company. This article will review ATC Coin extensively and prove why the company should not invest in it.

What is ATC Coin? claims to be a leading crypto platform in developing decentralized payment solutions through Ethereum-based modern technology. The company claims that its payment solutions are perfect and are a renowned name in the industry. However, there is no proof that any major organization is using it for payments. It says that the traders can get crypto coins in exchange for conventional currencies. Yet, the site never mentions the name of a specific trading platform it uses. Moreover, to convince people about the authenticity of the company, the site provides a UK incorporation document.

Founders of ATC Coin

Subhash Jewria is the Director of ATC Coin. His Facebook profile shows that he lives in Mumbai, India. The headquarters of the company may be also in Mumbai. Though, it never specifies any address. Research indicates that Jewria has a long history of participating in MLM companies and crypto platforms. Most of these companies have turned out to be scams. Before ATC Coin, he was involved in the My Money Seva scheme.

However, seems to be the first time that Jewria has taken the role of an executive. It is not clear if he has partners or not. Even though the company is a scam, it is quite well-designed to fool people. Hence, it is highly likely that some other people are also involved in this long-running scam, but their names have not been revealed yet.

ATC Coin

ATC Coin Products

ATC Coin does not have any products or services, which is expected from any scam crypto company like this one. Affiliate membership is the only way of marketing and trading ATC Coin and becomes a part of the compensation plan.

ATC Coin’s Illegal Practices

It would not be wrong to say that the fraudulent nature of the ATC Coin is a well-known fact among people who research before investing in any platform. In 2019, the Supreme Court of India banned the company, along with other crypto companies, to thoroughly investigate the suspicious activities of such platforms. According to an estimate, has managed to make a whopping amount of $11 million.

It shows that the company has been successful in scamming a lot of people. Quite surprisingly, is still operating despite facing numerous legal challenges, which means hundreds of people are getting scammed by this company on a daily basis.

Instead of relying on useless and illegal crypto platforms like, you should consider investing in the crypto cloud mining companies. These companies have legal hardware and procedures for crypto trading and mining. Hence, you will have greater chances of becoming successful in the highly-competitive crypto industry if you rely on authentic crypto platforms. 

Compensation Plan of

Since ATC Coin is based in India and promote itself as India’s first crypto network, all of the prices are mentioned in Indian Rupees on its website. However, in this review, we’ll discuss the compensation plan by converting the currency into dollars. The primary purpose of participating in the income plan is that the company promises its affiliate members that the price of the coins will increase. Hence, people expect to sell the coins at a greater rate and earn profits.

Affiliates have to invest a massive amount of $1544 in the company. In return, the company claims to distribute 4500 ATCC a month for up to 18 months. However, many members have stated that the company does not pay the promised amount of crypto coins.

Residual Commissions

A traditional uni-level compensation plan is used by ATC Coin to give residual commissions. It means that an affiliate is at the highest level of the team while every other member that is personally hired by the affiliate is put under them.

Whenever level 1 affiliates are able to hire a certain number of affiliates, they are promoted to level 2.  The same pattern is followed on level 2 and so on. The breakdown of the residual commissions is as follows:

  • 10% commission for level 1
  • 3% commission for Level 2 and 3
  • 2% commission from Level 4 to level 8
  • 5% commission for Level 9 and 11

Despite giving this much information about the commissions and income plan, does not mention the method to generate cashback. Moreover, it is important to note that ATCC does not seem to have any real value outside this company. It means the collapse of ATC Coin will result in losing all of your investment.

ATC Coin’s Recruitment Rewards

ATC Coin has dedicated a large section of its website to highlighting recruitment rewards. It shows that the company wants you to recruit as many people as you can. In this way, they will be able to con a large number of people. Targeted marketing and clever promotion strategies have made this fraudulent company a big name in many countries, especially India. It has the following plan for rewarding recruiters.

  1. $7720 reward for those members who maintain a team of 8 affiliates.
  2. $1544 reward for those members who maintain a team of 16 affiliates.
  3. 2-Day Education Tour for maintaining a team of 32 affiliates.
  4. Meeting with the top managers and a lavish dinner for those members who recruit 64 affiliates.
  5. Singapore tour for members who recruit 1024 affiliates.
  6. London Europe tour for members who recruit 4096 affiliates.
  7. Toyota SUV for members who recruit 8192 affiliates.
  8. Thailand tour for members who recruit 256 affiliates.
  9. Mercedes car for members who recruit 16,390 affiliates.
  10. Jaguar car for members who recruit 32,770 affiliates.

On paper, the rewards seem very impressive.  Anyone would love to get all of these things and will invest in ATC Coin and ask his friends and family to become affiliates as well. This kind of approach has made the company famous. But there is no doubt that is a fraud and is only interested in taking your investment. It has no intention of paying you any kind of compensation. Even if you get the coins, there is no use of these real value of these coins.

Final Verdict About ATC Coin

Undoubtedly, ATC Coin is a scam and no one should invest in this company. Its coins do not have any actual value, which means you hardly have any chances of selling it. lies about the fact that the coin is usable in all leading eCommerce companies. In short, ATC Coins does not have any actual applications in life.

Therefore, do not invest in ATC Coin. You should invest in the trustable crypto cloud mining companies that allow you to mine your own crypto coins and earn maximum profits. Such companies offer maximum customer support and increase your chances of becoming a successful crypto miner.

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